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'It's a disgrace': Senator requests complete overhaul of medicinal cannabis regulator

The leader of the Greens has slammed Australia’s medicines watchdog for its approach to regulating cannabis products as “nothing short of a disgrace”, vowing to continue the fight for a new national system of regulation.

Medicinal cannabis advocate Jenny Hallam defends actions as 'morally right'

An Adelaide woman accused of supplying cannabis oil to terminally ill people has pleaded not guilty to drug charges and asserted her actions were "morally right".

Secrecy, security paramount as Queensland's first licensed medicinal cannabis farm nears completion

Secrecy has surrounded a media visit to Queensland's first licensed cannabis farm, which is nearing completion on the Sunshine Coast.

Australia aims for global domination of medicinal cannabis market

Australia's fledgling medicinal cannabis market is about to get a big boost, with the Government to allow exports of cannabis-based medicines.

'Start low, go slow': Booklets give inside dope on medicinal cannabis for patients, doctors

Medicinal cannabis information booklets have just been published by the Turnbull government, aiming to make it easier for medical professionals to prescribe the products.

NSW Health blocks woman's access to medicinal cannabis after federal government grants approva

A local Tumut family are at their wits' end after NSW Health twice rejected their application for medicinal cannabis, despite having already been granted federal approval for the drug.

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Cannabidiol may be useful for treating psychosis – new study

A constituent of cannabis known as cannabidiol could hold promise as a new class of treatment for psychosis with research showing significant benefits in a placebo-controlled clinical trial.

Hemp and cannabis news - Australia

Australian Cannabis News Roundup

Late last week saw a flurry of activity on the Australian medical cannabis and industrial hemp business scene - here's a summary of some of the big stories.

Cannabis project aims to help multiple sclerosis patients

In Australia, a new medicinal cannabis venture aims to help multiple sclerosis patients deal with their day-to-to day struggles.

Canberra the mull bowl of Australia? Cannabis could be our real green economy

There are no downsides to legalising and regulating marijuana, only benefits.