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Bill to make medicinal cannabis access easier for terminally-ill Australians passes Senate

Medical cannabis could soon be easier to get for terminally-ill Australians after passing a first hurdle in Parliament today.

'Over My Dead Body' -flouting the law to treat the sick with medical cannabis

Katrina Spraggon won't go back to the days using CPR to keep her daughter alive.

Medical cannabis oil supplier Jenny Hallam angry at prosecutors for dragging out court case

A woman who admits supplying cannabis oil for medicinal purposes has criticised delays to her court case, accusing the State Government of “torturing” people who need chronic pain relief.

More On PUF ventures' Australian medical cannabis project

More details on an ambitious project to establish a massive medical marijuana growing facility in the Australian state of New South Wales.

Only 11 doctors in Qld can prescribe medical marijuana

Only 11 doctors in Queensland have the authority to prescribe medicinal cannabis.

Why so few Australians are using medicinal cannabis on prescription

So often in Australia, we are astounded to discover that good policy has been subverted by political mismanagement. Think NBN, gas supply, the marriage plebiscite and … medicinal cannabis.

University of Newcastle gets $2.5 million to set up national medicinal cannabis research centre

Newcastle will lead the national approach to research into medicinal cannabis treatments.

Tasmania's medicinal cannabis access scheme stalls as doctors remain hesitant, sceptical

Tasmanian Government's Medicinal Cannabis Controlled Access Scheme is bogged down in paperwork and confusion.

Australian biotech company wants to treat Autism symptoms with cannabis

Zelda Therapeutics announced it has completed an observation trial that found positive results when treating core symptoms of autism with cannabis extracts.

'Incredible results': How medicinal cannabis saved this mum

Her loving husband and son came home from FIFO work to help alongside her other son while she suffered for months with a range of unexplained neurological problems including seizures