Australian news

Tasmanian medicinal cannabis program opens

Tasmanians will have access to medicinal cannabis when the controlled access scheme starts on Friday.

Medicinal cannabis milestone

First commercial harvest of medicinal cannabis on Aussie soil, which is set to be used by patients and for CSIRO research.

Medicinal cannabis: Government accused of defying will of Senate over importation

An attempt to open up access to imported medicinal cannabis for dying patients has failed, prompting accusations the executive arm of the Government is defying the will of the Parliament.

Medicinal cannabis black market worries TGA

The TGA has criticised claims that red tape turns patients to black market cannabis.

Lucy Haslam says medicinal cannabis regulations are broken

A Tamworth movement helped change the tide on medicinal cannabis in Australia, but our local advocates are struggling to take pride in today’s system, where compassion has taken a backseat to political point-scoring.

Despite legalisation medicinal cannabis remains confusing for Australian doctors and patients

Frustrated Australian patients could still be several years away from their GPs prescribing medicinal cannabis, the Australian Medical Association's (AMA) vice president has warned.

First medical cannabis crop harvested in Vic

Sky News is given exclusive access to the first commercially produced cannabis plants in Victoria.

Australian patients' medicinal cannabis plight continues

The struggles of patients in Australia depending on medical cannabis to improve their quality of life has hit the headlines again.

Medicinal cannabis 'red-tape' pushing doctors and patients back to illegal products

A mountain of red tape for legal medicinal cannabis is forcing the families of seriously ill patients back into the black market, according to doctors and advocates.

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals announces that Results from Phase 2 STOP Trial

A clinical-stage specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing and commercializing innovative transdermal pharmaceutically-produced cannabinoid treatments, today reported top line results from a Phase 2 trial.