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Future of legalized cannabis focus of expert panel discussion in cannabis journal

In the roundtable entitled "Expert Panel on Understanding Cannabis: Medicine, Society, Government," the panelists shared their views on a range of topics

Medicinal cannabis bill passes Senate

A Greens' private bill to make importing medicinal cannabis easier has passed the Senate, but the government plans to block the changes in the lower house.

Queensland Bauxite Ltd (ASX:QBL) Unique Variations and High Levels of Cannabinoids Identified

Queensland Bauxite Limited (ASX:QBL) is pleased to announce preliminary findings in relation to cannabinoid testing performed by its subsidiary Medical Cannabis Limited of some of MCL's low THC Cannabis cultivars. (THC is tetrahydrocannabinol Delta 9, a medical compound produced by Cannabis plants).

Zelda Therapeutics demonstrates successful results treating autism with medicinal cannabis

Zelda Therapeutics Ltd (ASX:ZLD) - Zelda is developing a range of cannabinoid-based formulations to treat medical conditions.

Australian rural doctors preparing for medicinal cannabis

Clearing up confusion regarding medical cannabis will be a key topic at the upcoming Rural Medicine Australia (RMA17) conference in Melbourne.

AusCann Group Holdings talks cannabis market in Australia

AusCann Group Holdings Managing Director Elaine Darby, talks plan for the year ahead and potential market size in Australia.

Top Republican senator introduces a medical marijuana research bill

Senator Orrin Hatch introduced a bipartisan bill Wednesday to facilitate medical marijuana research in an especially pun-filled manner.

Patients to get easier access to medicinal cannabis under Greens bill

Greens leader to introduce a bill to clear the way for importers to stock medicinal cannabis products more easily

New opportunity opens up

Online tool brings the medicinal cannabis supply chain a step closer to the dispensary Pharmacists’ ability to dispense medicinal cannabis is moving another step closer .

Does marijuana affect your sleep?

If you speak to someone who has suffered from insomnia at all as an adult, chances are good that person has either tried using marijuana, or cannabis, for sleep or has thought about it.