Australian news

Could medicinal cannabis curb the opioid crisis?

One of Australia's leading cannabis companies Zelda Therapeutics has been given the greenlight to commence an opioid reduction trial.

Medicinal cannabis: The family that changed Australia's debate

Their heartrending story shifted perceptions on medical cannabis - but, they argue, not far enough.

New Country Women's Association branch takes a fresh approach to tradition

CWA of Australia is currently participating in campaigns to ban alcohol advertising in sport, change laws around patient access to herbal medicinal cannabis, and raise awareness of the lack of equitable access to mental health support for rural and remote communities.

Pharmaceutical-grade medicinal cannabis 'global shortage' to be met with Australian product

An Australian medicinal cannabis company is working to address a global shortage of pharmaceutical-grade product, reducing cost and improving access at the same time

Australian CBD company Elixinol Global becomes first producer to advertise in the London Underground

Australian cannabis product producer Elixinol Global has launched a media campaign in London Underground railway stations, the first cannabis company to do so,

Biotech start-up targets billion-dollar market by producing superior cannabinoids in yeast

The young biotech start-up Octarine Bio seeks to commercialize the production of brand-new tailored cannabinoids in yeast

9 things to know about Aus Medicinal Cannabis stocks

There are 30 companies doing, or saying they’re doing, cannabis in some form or another on the ASX, and a myriad who are still private

Medicinal cannabis trial offers 'light at the end of the tunnel' for young veterans

Veteran Brad Schafer has been placed on suicide watch four times since being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in 2016

Second screening of High as Mike being screened for Barnaby Joyce to watch in Tamworth

Tamworth will get a second chance to see the controversial High as Mike medicinal cannabis documentary next month, with a second screening announced so "Barnaby Joyce, and Kevin Anderson can watch it with the community."

Althea Group achieves 1000-patient milestone for medicinal cannabis prescription

1,000 patients have now been prescribed Althea medicinal cannabis products in Australia