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Medicinal cannabis research still needed

There is still much to learn about the benefits of medicinal cannabis, a NSW Health spokesperson says. The NSW Government is currently funding clinical trials to advance the evidence base of the therapeutic potential of medicinal cannabis.

Medicinal cannabis will help me: Toney Fitzgerald

“I have to cure myself and if I can’t, I die”. Toney Fitzgerald is 55 years old and he was recently diagnosed with cancer for the fourth time.

Tasmanian Alkaloids to become medicinal cannabis producer after securing manufacturing licence

A Tasmanian company has secured a landmark licence to grow cannabis and produce pain-relieving drugs.

Medicinal cannabis driving plan inconsistent with road safety objectives, SA Police Minister says

Plans to allow medicinal cannabis users to drive in South Australia have been labelled "crazy" by the Police Minister.

Medicinal cannabis users could drive after taking the drug after MPs vote

Users of medicinal cannabis would be able to drive while taking the drug after MPs voted to change proposed laws aimed at tightening restrictions on drug driving.

Medicinal cannabis access a challenge for WA patients despite legalisation last year

West Australian patients are finding it almost impossible to obtain medicinal cannabis more than eight months after it was legalised, advocates say.

A Big Country: Growing cannabis for food and fibre

In a secret location on Queensland's Sunshine Coast hinterland Ecofibre Industries is developing cannabis or hemp varieties that are suitable for the local climate. They plan to grow the crop as a source of fibre and potentially even food.

Users of medicinal cannabis would be banned from driving while on drug in SA

Users of medicinal cannabis will not be allowed to drive with the drug in their system, even if it is made legal in South Australia, Police Minister Peter Malinauskas has confirmed.

Millionaire businessman Barry Lambert will meet with NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian

Australian businessman Barry Lambert is stepping up his push for reforms to laws around access to medicinal hemp. The millionaire and medicinal cannabis campaigner's own son, Michael Lambert was found guilty earlier this month over growing cannabis to treat his daughter's epilepsy.

Medical cannabis workshop: 'incredibly cumbersome' to get drugs to patients

Australia’s first doctors’ workshop on the medical uses of cannabis has heard about the complex situation around its legality. The Melbourne conference was held with the hope of improving the medical profession’s awareness about the issue.