Australian news

'Green wave': Businesses look to medicinal cannabis

With cannabis legalised in some Australian states for medicinal use, businesses are positioning themselves for what is tipped to be a 'green wave' of opportunity

Armidale's ANTG medicinal cannabis facility to be growing by April

The state-of-the-art growing centre will eventually employ 30 staff full time, and while Australian based research is at the core of their business, ANTG have signed a ten year contract to supply flower to the European market

Victoria has high hopes of becoming cannabis bowl of Australia

Medicinal cannabis farms are sprouting up around Australia, with demand for the product ramping up in spite of some doctors warning the drug is "not the cure-all" many believe it to be

Creso Pharma signs Canadian medicinal cannabis supply deal

Medicinal cannabis developer Creso Pharma has revealed the latest in a string of deals made since the start of the new year as it continues to build its global enterprise

Medlab Clinical takes EMA and FDA approval track as cannabis research continues

Medlab Clinical Ltd - a phase I study in Australia is evaluating a cannabis spray therapeutic in cancer patients

Bod Australia posts record quarterly revenue thanks to new products, distribution deals

Skincare and health products developer Bod Australia has posted a record revenue of $1.22 million for the last quarter of 2018, underpinned by an expansion of its product range, new distribution deals and strong product uptake

Impression Healthcare on a high after receiving green light to sell cannabis

Once a home dental impression company, now a fully-fledged cannabis player, Impression Healthcare is ready to dive into the world of medicinal cannabis

'My son was having 10 'knockout' seizures a week. This is the only thing that's made it stop.'

'By the time we reached what was considered a reasonable dose for a 15kg child, it was the end of January. We had our last seizure on February 18 2018. This medication has changed our life'

This partnership could help make medical cannabis big business over the Tasman

Creso Pharma is teaming up with New Zealand medical cannabis company Medleaf to build a local cannabis business, following recent regulatory changes

Medicinal cannabis a honey pot for crooks

High demand for a stake in Australia’s medicinal cannabis industry — including from people with links to organised crime — has caught the regulator unprepared and under-resourced, an internal audit has found