Australian news

PCI Pharma to manufacture AsuCann's first medicinal cannabis product for chronic pain

Medical cannabis company AusCann has chosen PCI Pharma to manufacture and release its first product designed to help treat chronic pain

Medical cannabis tested as potential treatment for brain cancer

One of Australia’s top neurosurgeons is at the forefront of a world-first trial testing whether medical cannabis could be used to treat aggressive brain cancer

Courts are becoming sympathetic to the cause of medicinal cannabis

It’s estimated that around 100,000 patients are using cannabis medicines across the country. And even though the federal government legalising medicinal cannabis close to three years ago, most of these patients are forced to access their medicine on the black market

Cannabis regulation: profit versus public health

NDRI’s panel discussion brought together current expertise from around the world, and highlighted some of the challenges and opportunities to be considered when deliberating the future of cannabis policy in Australia

Everything you need to know about legalising cannabis in the ACT

If all goes according to Labor's plan, it could soon be legal to possess or grow cannabis for personal use in Canberra

Parents who gave cannabis oil treatment to son to treat autism have no convictions recorded

Jamie Blake and Stephanie Mackay, who were charged after growing their own cannabis to treat their son for autism, escape conviction despite pleading guilty.

Pot shot: how a local cannabis importer is embroiled in a US short seller attack

Medicinal cannabis importer Althea Group raised $20 million and listed less than three months ago. Now it is caught up in a short selling attack on Canada's Aphria

SUDA Pharmaceuticals and Zelda Therapeutics to develop novel medicinal cannabis oral spray

Drug delivery specialist company SUDA Pharmaceuticals has unveiled a deal with Zelda Therapeutics in the form of a fully funded feasibility and option agreement

Medicinal cannabis industry sees growth in South Australia

Leaders from the medicinal cannabis industry met in Adelaide, South Australia this week to discuss the future of the drug in Australia

Armidale cannabis farm advertises for 10 staff members

A second medicinal cannabis operation is planting seeds in the New England North West, as an operation setting up in Armidale begins advertising for staff