Australian news

Discover the new medicinal cannabis manufacturer in Australia

LeafCann Group becomes licenced medicinal cannabis manufacturer and has been granted a licence to manufacture medicinal cannabis by the Australian Office of Drug Control

Understaffing costs manufacturing, jobs: cannabis CEO

A failure of government to adequately staff the Office of Drug Control is causing jobs and manufacturing opportunities to head overseas

Cannabis referendum narrows but tracking to pass

The Government's 2020 referendum on the personal use of recreational cannabis would pass albeit the result might be closer than was indicated six months earlier, according to a significant independent survey of over 1,100 New Zealanders

Australia the world's fastest-growing medicinal cannabis market

A leading supplier of medicinal cannabis increased its Australian patient numbers by 27 per cent over a three-week period in April

THC Global Group Limited (ASX:THC) quarterly update

THC Global Group Limited is pleased to provide an update on the Company's activities for the period ended 31 March 2019

New national surveys on medicinal cannabis use for IBD symptoms launched in Australia

Two new national surveys on the use of cannabis for the treatment of patients with inflammatory bowel disease have been launched in Australia

Cann Group to invest NZ6 million in Pure Cann for 20% stake

The investment will be made in several tranches with 10% to be completed on or before 30 August 2019

Pete Evans could be the face of legal cannabis in Oz & some people are worried

The wave of attention and controversy that inevitably follows celebrity chef Pete Evans is about to hit the Australian medical cannabis movement, raising questions over what the Hugos founder could do for the community

THC Global Group opens SPP and notes near term milestones

The company expects to receive its final Australian cannabis licenses and permits in the near-term

Three million Australians suffering from chronic pain

Millions of Australians are quietly suffering through chronic pain, and the treatment options remain terribly flawed