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Roto-Gro International Ltd begins delivery of hydroponic system order

Roto-Gro International Ltd (ASX:RGI) has completed the initial delivery of its order from EuroAg Corporation for the supply of 240 Roto-Gro Units over a 12 month period.

Why industrial hemp could prove a larger economic driver than marijuana

Industrial hemp is set to be a huge economic driver in the not-so-distant future, even more so than medical cannabis or even recreational marijuana, Cynthia Salarizadeh told...

Will these be the top marijuana stocks to own in 2018?

The marijuana market is growing rapidly and that's creating a lot of interest in owning marijuana stocks. However, investors need to pick what marijuana stocks to buy carefully.

Germany is the next major marijuana market

The G-20 summit is currently taking place in Hamburg, Germany and marijuana has made its presence known. Although some of the expected discussion topics include climate change, security and trade, we think medical marijuana will be a topic that takes center stage.

Botanix speaks on Australia's lack of infrastructure to run large clinical trials

Botanix, an Australian company, is developing the first new acne treatment in 20 years. The treatment involves using synthetic cannabis oil to treat pimples.

ASX-listed pot stocks reviewed

So-called pot stocks have been popular on the ASX since the start of 2017, with a number seeing their share prices rocket up.

MGC Pharma ramps up EU cannabis operations

ASX-listed MGC Pharmaceuticals has moved nearly 500 marijuana plants to its growing facilities in the Czech Republic as it advances its European medicinal cannabis operations.

Cannabis Extracts: The next Canadian oil boom

Canada’s medical cannabis market began as a flower-only market, but, following a court ruling, the licensed producers (LPs) were permitted to begin producing extracts in late 2015.

Grupo Flor cannabis group is getting organized despite uncertainty

It would be easy to see the first ever cannabis sponsor of the three-year-old Forbes AgTech Summit as a sign that legal, commercial cannabis has finally arrived.

Epilepsy treatments head Bod Australia’s priorities

Bod Australia is looking to cash in on expected demand for cannabis-based treatments through plans to import an oil used to help children with epilepsy.