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Can medical marijuana help aging parents' insomnia?

95-year-old Alice had been an insomniac for decades. She tried every pill and over the counter aid without success. Finally, her family urged her to try medical marijuana drops. After experimenting to find the right ingredient combination, she discovered what works. Now she sleeps through the night.

Sessions cites junk science to shut down research

Once again, a committed drug warrior ignores and blocks legitimate scientific research, then cites the fact that science hasn’t proven the drug ‘safe’ as his reason for doing so.

Senior citizens embrace medicinal cannabis: use up 250%

Far from a gateway drug, marijuana helps today’s senior citizens exit the vicious cycle of pharmaceuticals and addiction. Although marijuana was once considered a dangerous recreational drug by many senior citizens, today’s elderly are among the fastest growing demographic within the industry.

Marijuana Make Society Better

Does marijuana make society better? New poll says yes

Half of Americans believe that legalizing marijuana would improve our society, according to a new poll. Do you think marijuana make society better?

How medical cannabis could heal your pets

Pets are a special part of many families, and may be a person’s only family; they should be treated well and taken care of.

NFL may allow players to manage pain with medical cannabis

NFL players take a lot of abuse on the playing field on any given day. Now, the league may be gearing up to allow its athletes to use cannabis medically

cannabis refugees

Inside the turbulent lives of medical cannabis refugees

Medical cannabis refugees have left everything they have ever known to relocate to a different state for medical purposes.

A legal route to cannabis for MS could transform people's lives

When Chris' muscle spasms kick in, they feel like an electric shock making his leg jerk suddenly.

Girl sues government over medical marijuana

An 11-year-old North Texas girl is suing the federal government over its classification of marijuana – hoping to decriminalize the drug for medical purposes across the country.

Nationwide women and weed group kicks off in Chicago

Want to avoid the "bong guys" who dominate weed culture? This local tech entrepreneur is carving out a space for women to talk about cannabis and wellness.