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Momentum is building for legalising cannabis for medicinal use – and people with MS must be included

It i’s crucial the Government now gets this right in order to make a real difference for people with MS

Most Britons want medicinal cannabis legalised: Sky Data poll

82% of those questioned believe it should be legalised - a rise of 10% compared with a similar Sky survey in November 2016

Mother of boy whose cannabis oil was seized pushes for legalisation

Charlotte Caldwell wants to see ministers discuss legalising THC for children with epilepsy

Illinois embraces medical cannabis

Lawmakers have passed a bill making anyone with a prescription for opioids eligible for its medical cannabis program

Nearly half of US medical users check CBD levels to make purchase decisions

44% of cannabis consumers in legal recreational states identify as medical users seeking pain relief, anti-anxiety & sleep aids

Colorado Bill Approves School Personnel to Administer Medical Cannabis

A new Colorado law is allowing for school personnel to administer medicinal cannabis to students

What we know about fitness and cannabis

Often, the image of a smoker is that of the clichéd stoner who's unable to conquer the couch-lock effects of a good bong hit. But the spectrum of cannabis users actually includes a large fitness community.

Marijuana: a green grey zone for patients, doctors, and pharma companies

Legalization of the drug for medical use is already having an impact on prescription patterns. But for patients and doctors alike, there are a lot of unanswered questions.

Scleroderma and medical cannabis for the chronically unwell

Columnist Kim Tocker shares her thoughts on the use of medical cannabis for treating chronic illness and pain, and the ongoing efforts to prevent its access.

Lancaster plays part in medical marijuana revolution

While cannabis is classed as an illegal drug, cannabidiol (CBD), which is non-psychoactive, is classed as a food supplement by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in the UK. But what is CBD and why are people so excited about it?