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Billy Caldwell: GP says 'ethical issue' in not allowing cannabis

The GP of a boy with epilepsy says the child had benefited from his prescription for cannabis oil.

Government stops Northern Ireland boy's medication - mother describes it as a 'death warrant'

The mother of a severely epileptic boy who was the UK’s first patient to receive marijuana legally on the NHS is to lobby MPs this week after the Government halted his prescription .

New study highlights the social impacts of cannabis legalization in California

A new study by BDS Analytics dives into the social impacts, details, and nuances of cannabis legalization in California, providing evidence suggesting that the new law has deeper influences than solely permitting the growth of a multi-billion dollar industry.

6 common misconceptions about hemp

While hemp and its more famous cousin, marijuana, are both varieties of cannabis sativa, one of the three main subtypes of the cannabis plant, they’re different in a number of ways.

Ardmore army vet advocates for medical marijuana

Suffering from PTSD after serving in combat, Todd Larkin says prescription drugs aren't the only way to deal with chronic pain and trauma.

Mother: We need medicinal cannabis and our policymakers don't seem to care

The young mother of a boy with a brain condition — who had been seizure-free for months — is pleading with the Government to make it easier to access medicinal cannabis, before he becomes gravely ill.

NZ medicinal cannabis product hits $2m in crowdfunding

Investors rushing to buy into what could be the country's first medicinal cannabis producer caused the crowd-funding site Pledge Me to crash for a two nights in a row.

Canada plans to legalize weed – but will those convicted of crimes get amnesty?

As Canada prepares to legalise marijuana this summer, politicians are facing growing calls to grant a blanket amnesty for people convicted under the existing drug laws – many of whom belong to marginalized groups.

'Drive baked, get busted'? Law enforcement says reality looks different

Medical marijuana is now legal in Florida, but there is one big problem for law enforcement: There is no way to prove if someone is driving while high.

Patients locked out: Medical cannabis out of reach for Texas family

An estimated 500,000 Texans have epilepsy, but the cannabis law restricts its use to those suffering from the rarer “intractable” form.