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RightSciences raises cash to develop cannabis and hemp-based medicinal patches

Amid all the hype for recreational marijuana use, it’s easy to forget that cannabis and its related plants are also popular for their medicinal effects.

Cannabinoids: Beyond THC and CBD

THC and CBD are the most well-known molecules produced by cannabis. This is largely because they are the most abundantly expressed by the plant….but there are many other cannabinoids and elements that make up each unique variety. Discover why this plant is even more amazing than you thought!

Veterans groups push for medical marijuana to treat PTSD

Among critics of the federal prohibition of marijuana — a diverse and bipartisan group that includes both criminal justice reform advocates and Big Alcohol — the American Legion and its allies stand out.

Lean Physique

Marijuana for a lean physique? Science weighs in

Marijuana can affect the mechanisms that trigger hunger. Don’t assume that is a bad thing.…

How cannabis oil helped me get off painkillers

In a backpacking hostel during a stag weekend 10 years ago, I fell asleep on a top bunk next to an open window.

Richard Branson backs medical marijuana to battle opioid epidemic

A recently released position paper from the Global Commission on Drug Policy has urged for the legalising of medical marijuana

New hand-roasted, CBD-infused coffee

Alexa’s Botanicals, creator of a growing family of phytoCannaBinoiD™ centric products, today announced the addition of two full-spectrum hemp oil infused coffees to its product line.

Olivia defends cannabis use to treat cancer

'We need to change the vision of what it is.'

Elixinol CBD congratulates New York Giant Leonard Marshall on NFL Hall of Fame nomination

Two-time Super Bowl Champion and All-Pro for the New York Giants Leonard Marshall has been nominated for the NFL Hall of Fame.This nomination is also notable because Marshall is the first hemp cannabidiol advocate to be nominated to the NFL Hall of Fame.

Montel Williams' battle with MS and the miracle of medical marijuana

An addiction to opioids is difficult to break, but Montel assures he's an individual who doesn't "really have an affinity for opioids." So he went to yet another doctor in search of an alternative.