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cannabis refugees

Inside the turbulent lives of medical cannabis refugees

Medical cannabis refugees have left everything they have ever known to relocate to a different state for medical purposes.

A legal route to cannabis for MS could transform people's lives

When Chris' muscle spasms kick in, they feel like an electric shock making his leg jerk suddenly.

Girl sues government over medical marijuana

An 11-year-old North Texas girl is suing the federal government over its classification of marijuana – hoping to decriminalize the drug for medical purposes across the country.

Nationwide women and weed group kicks off in Chicago

Want to avoid the "bong guys" who dominate weed culture? This local tech entrepreneur is carving out a space for women to talk about cannabis and wellness.

Patients find freedom from fibromyalgia pain with cannabis

When I first met Vicki, I connected with her right away. Comfortable in her own skin, I knew that if it weren’t for our professional relationship, we might have been friends.

Monarch & the Milkweed launches CBD-laced sweets line

There's been quite a bit of talk lately about cannabidiol — better known as CBD — a non-psychoactive cannabinoid chemical prevalent in all cannabis varieties.

Weed nuns! Meet women who have dedicated their lives to growing marijuana and make millions ...

Sisters of the Valley doubles up as a medical cannabis company and is set to rake it more than $1million in revenue this year.

Seniors cast aside stereotypes, find relief in medical marijuana

Last Christmas, Barbara Kaiser slid to her kitchen floor and just sobbed. The 82-year-old Green Valley woman had spent decades baking hundreds of cookies for her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren for the holidays, but this year, the pain won.

Know Your Medicine: CBD

CBD, which stands for the phytocannabinoid cannabidiol (not cannabinoids), has exploded on the cannabis scene in a way that no other natural compound has. Although it has received a huge amount of media attention over the past few years, there are so many questions about it.

'My goal is to listen to patients and to create a better life quality for them'

The Local’s guest columnist Melanie Haynes speaks to Copenhagen Doctor Tina Horsted, one of the city’s few prescribers of medicinal cannabis, and shares her own experiences with the treatment.