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Is smoking marijuana the key to happiness?

Cannabis consumers make more money, spend more time outdoors, volunteer more and are generally more happy about life, according to a study released Thursday. Is smoking marijuana the key to happiness?

Olivia Newton-John Is Using Cannabis Oil To Treat Her Cancer

Olivia Newton-John announced in May that she has once again been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. In the early 1990s, the singer and actress entered remission after successful chemotherapy, but unfortunately, the cancer has now spread to the base of her spine.

Medical marijuana dispensary has made a cannabis-infused PIZZA for patients in Boston

Ermont Inc has created a weed-infused personal-sized cheese pizza for $38 The Quincy, Mass., medical marijuana dispensary launched it three weeks ago The pizza has 125mg of THC - the psychoactive compound in marijuana

Endogenous Cannabinoids are Important for Gut Health

The small molecule, anandamide, is an endocannabinoid synthesized in the gut. Anandamide plays a key role in gut health and immune response.

Why Canada's cannabis community needs vapour lounges

“Once legalization comes in, where are people supposed to smoke? In the park, or are they expected to go to an alleyway? Vapour lounges are a much more civilized way of dealing with a problem," says Abi Roach, founder of Hot Box Café.

Cannabis helped this Ontario mom get off the park bench and play with her kids

Six months ago, Kim Curtis* was still sitting on the sidelines every time she took her kids to the park – if she made it...

What is CBD?

What is CBD?

One of the most asked questions of recent years, "What Is CBD?" This article explores what cannabidiol is, and how it can benefit you or your loved ones.