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Medicinal cannabis: more data needed on clinical- and cost-effectiveness

Illegality of cannabis erects major barriers to research into the product’s health benefits or harms. As a result, research on the health effects of cannabis has been limited, leaving patients, healthcare professionals, and policymakers without the evidence they need to inform decision-making

With opioid deaths up, Maryland looks to medical cannabis as possible treatment

Using medical cannabis to help cure opioid addiction may seem counter-intuitive, but a growing number of physicians say it should be added to the list of traditional treatment options

Cannabis oil could soon be in your moisturiser - here's everything you need to know

What is CBD oil and how is it different to the cannabis you may or may not have come across before?

Inside the open-air cannabis greenhouse where drug is grown for doctors not dealers

The Colombian city of Medellin is the heart of the world’s foremost fully-licensed medicinal cannabis farm

Danish medicinal cannabis prescriptions exceed expected numbers

Despite scepticism in the medical community, a trial scheme providing for the prescription of medicinal cannabis has proved more popular than expected

Medicinal cannabis company's crowdfunding campaign reaches $820K

Billboards and radio ads helping to boost support for Taranaki's medicinal cannabis venture

Cannabis advocates will soon learn how Congress will handle cannabis

With the recent introduction of the 420 bill in the U.S. House of Representatives, cannabis advocates will learn sooner rather than later just how enthusiastic Democrats are about legalising it at the national level

Stop taxing medical cannabis, says Canadian patient

Medical cannabis is the only doctor-prescribed medication in Canada that patients have to pay taxes on

Cannabis referendum would pass comfortably: poll

An independent survey of nearly 1,000 New Zealanders reveals the Government's 2020 referendum on recreational cannabis use would gain 60% support

Congress just legalised hemp, but what does that mean for CBD?

CBD products are everywhere, but lawmakers have left them in a legal grey area