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Thailand's legalisation of medical cannabis proves one very important thing

If cannabis legalisation and regulation is, in fact, internationally contagious, the condition has spread across borders in the same way the herb originally navigated its way across the globe and now into Asia

Germany delays cannabis cultivation again

Opposition lawmakers have accused Angela Merkel’s government of deliberately obstructing the production and distribution of medicinal marijuana in Germany

Medical cannabis has fundamentally changed my life. Why is it being taxed ... twice?

An unintended consequence of a well-intentioned plan has become a matter of simple unfairness

Washington state teens are toking less since cannabis was legalised, new study says

Researchers are encouraged by the numbers, but they say more studies and data need to be collected to get a better understanding of the impact of legal cannabis on teenagers

New Zealand gets first cannabis advertising campaign

What's thought to be the first advertising campaign for medicinal cannabis has begun.

Medicinal cannabis kills the pain for Invercargill man

Cohen Brown used to get stoned for pain relief, but now he's found another way.

Kiwis support medicinal cannabis for many conditions: Poll

A majority of New Zealanders say medicinal cannabis should be allowed to treat chronic pain, sleep disorders and other conditions, according to a new poll

Canadian doctors call for more education when it comes to prescribing cannabis

Physician-reported knowledge gaps in cannabis education is starting to gain attention

Medicinal Cannabis Bill falls short - NZ Drug Foundation

The Drug Foundation says proposed changes to legislation around the use of medicinal cannabis will disappoint many because the legal defence does not extend to include a wider range of illnesses and caregivers

Australian Cannabis Agency Bill 2018; Second Reading

The speech read as follows: 'The war on drugs is a war on people...'