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All up in smoke

Throughout the developed world, countries are liberalising cannabis laws but the message has yet to reach Malaysia's shores

Canada's military and legalised cannabis

With the coming legalisation of recreational use of cannabis, Canada’s military has been working to develop a policy to deal with the situation

Health Canada's cannabis education campaign 'nuanced', expert says

In the past, public health campaigns warning of the harmful effects of drugs delivered one resounding message: Don't do it. But Health Canada has undertaken new strategies to try and land on teens' screens and in the places they hang out

Elderly woman on medical cannabis denied from Toronto long term care home

Moreal, 87, was denied from an city-owned long term care home due to her use of medicinal cannabis for her chronic pain

Epileptic girl, 8, taking medical cannabis is now ‘pharma free’

An eight-year-old girl with severe epilepsy who has been granted access to medicinal marijuana is no longer taking any pharmaceutical drugs, her mother has said

Will medical cannabis undercut the recreational market?

The regulations and practices around medical cannabis, including interprovincial sales, could wind up undermining the new recreational market

More people are dying from overdosing on prescription opioids

Rising numbers of Australians are dying from accidentally overdosing on prescription drugs morphine, codeine, oxycodone and fentanyl, the latest drug deaths data shows

Many cannabis health claims aren't backed by science

Fervour over how cannabis could help patients suffering from various ailments has run wildly ahead of what scientific studies have proven it can do, experts say

Police chief calls for more cannabis clubs where drug can be used and traded safely

North Wales police and crime commissioner says ‘war on drugs’ will continue to fail without radical change

The end of Canada's medical cannabis program?

The Canadian Medical Association is calling for the country’s medical cannabis system to be phased out once legalisation happens as the CMA believes there will be no reason for Canadians to access it through their doctors