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This man is making cannabis oil and giving it out for free to help terminally ill people

It is estimated that over a million people in the UK rely on medical cannabis for pain relief

Why don't more doctors prescribe cannabis to their patients?

The medicinal cannabis movement is gaining momentum, but why are doctors so hesitant to prescribe it to their patients?

Medical cannabis in UK: what does the legalisation mean and how will it help patients?

Doctors will be allowed to prescribe medicinal cannabis within months after home secretary Sajid Javid was advised by the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs that it has therapeutic benefits

National’s medicinal cannabis bill is far better than Labour’s

The medicinal cannabis bill filed in the name of National’s Whangarei MP Shane Reti is vastly better-conceived than the government bill it seeks to supplant, but it’s not perfect

£3,655 fee for medicinal cannabis deters patients

A new government panel to allow patients medicinal cannabis has received almost no applications after the Home Office imposed a fee of £3,655 a patient

Mum calls on ministers to visit sick child

Sophia Gibson's mum calls on Ministers to visit her daughter in intensive care

South Australia's 'counter-productive' cannabis crackdown likely to be defeated

Labor and upper house crossbenchers signal opposition to jail sentences for cannabis possession

Patients ask 60 per cent of GPs about medicinal cannabis

There are calls for more general practitioners to become educated about medicinal cannabis and authorised to prescribe it, after a survey of 640 Australian GPs found almost two thirds have had patients ask about the drug

Doctor leading medical cannabis panel under pressure to resign

Michael McBride, the chief medical officer of Northern Ireland, was appointed by the Home Office to review applications for cannabis for medicinal purposes ahead of a major review

Is there a case for the right to medicinal cannabis?

As the government reexamines its drug policy, we take a closer look at whether there’s a right to medical cannabis