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Israel classifies medical marijuana cultivation as “farming”

The Israeli agricultural ministry will classify medical marijuana cultivation as farming, effectively granting cannabis cultivators a slew of government benefits and support.

Medicinal Marijuana

Most doctors unprepared to prescribe medicinal marijuana

A new US study shows that, while medicinal marijuana is becoming mainstream, medical schools need to catch up

Aurora Cannabis ships medical marijuana to Germany to offset European supply shortage

Aurora Cannabis’ first shipment of Alberta-grown medical marijuana has been shipped to Germany to help offset “a significant shortage of supply” in the European powerhouse.

Desperate parents leave UK to treat sick son with cannabis

Parents of an epileptic boy who suffers from a severe and rare form of epilepsy which can trigger hundreds of seizures per day will leave the UK so their son can be treated with cannabis.

Israel's medical cannabis mission part of call for “Tikkun Olam”

Breath of Life Pharma is set to open the world’s largest medical cannabis production, research, and development facility in Israel.

Irish mom celebrates cannabis oil success as son now all but seizure-less

Billy Caldwell, 11, was once having as many as 30 fatal seizures a month but now hasn’t had one in over 300 days.

UK view on cannabis is harming medicine and forcing the sick to break the lae

There’s plenty of evidence to support the kind of reform already occurring in US states and internationally

NZ doctors now able to prescribe medicinal cannabis

Lifting the restriction on the use of medical cannabis is like "dangling the carrot" but not being able to grab it, a medicinal cannabis advocate says.

World's leading cannabis investors, scientists and regulatory experts to speak at UK summit

Innovative researchers and scientists, pharma experts, regulators, investors, and entrepreneurs will share their knowledge about the burgeoning medical cannabis industry at CannaTech UK, Britain's first-ever international summit for accelerating cannabis innovation.

An overwhelming number of Americans support legalizing medical marijuana

When it comes to the fastest, most consistently growing industries in the U.S. legal marijuana is near the top of the list.Yet in spite of an impressive performance in equities, and the rapid annual growth rate in the U.S. legal pot industry, the ceiling on the marijuana industry is pretty low.