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Cannabis dispensaries get high marks from patients

Research from UBC shows marijuana patients are giving storefront dispensaries high marks for quality, safety and availability but not for cost.

Illinois hemp bill may benefit medical marijuana industry

A bill in the Illinois General Assembly would allow hemp to be grown locally in Illinois would mark major shift for medical marijuana growers.

Regulation gives public confidence in industry

Regulation of cannabis gives the public confidence that the industry “is closely guarded and strictly controlled,” attorney Bob Hoban said in an interview.

Price hike in marijuana causing some medical patients to buy cannabis on the streets instead

The price hike in marijuana is causing some patients to turn back to the streets to buy medicine.

Marijuana shortage: Nevada considers emergency measures

Demand has been strong since recreational use was legalised on 1 July. There are plenty of outlets but not enough distributors.

Weed cigarettes are now for sale in Switzerland

It’s official: weed cigarettes are now for sale in Switzerland. Koch & Gsell, a company based out of St. Gallen, has come out with their own brand of cigs, complete with Swiss tobacco and cultivated hemp.

Billy Caldwell: Medical cannabis oil named after 11-year-old boy with severe epilepsy

Billy used to have up to 100 seizures per day, but is now 250 days seizure-free after having product prescribed on NHS

Team cannabis' latest recruits are Greece, Canadian AIDS research and pets

As ever more of the world warms up for cannabis legalization, life on the sidelines can at least offer a good view of the game--and this week, news broke of a diverse group of players entering the field.

Arkansas patients fear losing social security benefits over medical marijuana

Last week, the Arkansas Department of Health started accepting applications for medical marijuana registry identification cards. These cards will be issued to qualifying patients and caregivers 30 days before the state allows dispensaries to open, which will likely occur early next year.

Medicinal cannabis bill: 'It's a useful discussion to have'

The minister responsible for drug reform will give his initial support to a member's bill legalising medicinal cannabis