International news

Medical cannabis: 'I break the law for my epileptic son'

Scared her son could die from violent seizures, a mother began breaking the law in an attempt to protect him

Medical cannabis to be made available by prescription in Israel

Health Minister Yaakov Litzman announced on Thursday evening that medical cannabis will be available by prescription rather than with Health Ministry permission for certain medical conditions

UK advisory body on drug misuse to provide framework on medical cannabis by end of 2019

The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) has been asked to provide an outline framework on medical cannabis by the end of 2019, with the aim of having an initial view by the end of 2020.

DOJ, DEA urged to expedite process for green-lighting cannabis growers, researchers

Thirty members of Congress signed a letter Tuesday urging the Trump administration to speed up the process of authorizing cannabis cultivators to grow for the government.

Israeli firm InterCure setting up facility in Canada

Israeli cannabis firm InterCure is expanding into Canada and it will team up with a local producer to grow medicinal cannabisthere

'Legalise my painkiller cannabis so I don't have to buy it off the streets'

Chronic pain sufferer Carly Barton pleads with Home Secretary Sajid David to let her grow cannabis in moving letter

Thailand FDA wants cannabis medicines safe and affordable

Thailand recently legalised cannabis for medicinal use, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that cannabis-based medicines should be included in universal healthcare and social security

Veterans subcommittee moves forward with cannabis bills widening access to medical pot

Three separate cannabis bills affecting military veterans will be discussed by a House subcommittee next week, the panel announced late Thursday

U.S. veterans in legal States could use medicinal cannabis without repercussion under new bill

Veterans would be able to consume state legal cannabis, medicinal or otherwise without fear of losing their federal benefits under a bill introduced to Congress this week

'Two-tier system' stops NHS patients accessing medical cannabis

Tight NHS restrictions mean private patients have better access to drugs, experts say