International news

Medical cannabis law approved in Cyprus

Following a government vote, Cyprus has officially approved a new medical cannabis law legalising the cultivation and domestic use of the drug

UK Imports First Shipments of Medicinal Cannabis Products

UK imports first shipments of medicinal cannabis products

Counterintuitively, the world's top legal cannabis producer, the United Kingdom, has just imported its first shipment of medicinal cannabis oil, from a Canadian licensed producer

Canadian MPs join push to remove federal tax from prescribed cannabis

Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu, Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith and NDP MP Don Davies joined CFAMM in calling for the change

The takeaway from cannabis in Davos: everyone thinks the ship has sailed

The cannabis industry, both in the U.S. and globally, is in a bit of a transition right now. The unprecedented momentum of 2018 has investors more bullish than ever on the future of the industry, thanks in part to new legislation and major investments from established industries

Medicinal cannabis: why has it taken so long to get to UK patients?

Medicinal cannabis was legalised last year but so far virtually no-one in the UK has been able to access it

European Parliament passes cannabis resolution, joins WHO in supporting medical cannabis

The European Parliament just voted on a resolution aimed at advancing access to, and research around, medical cannabis in the countries that form the European Union

Uruguay hopes to export medical cannabis

Uruguay was the first country to legalise recreational cannabis, now it's hoping to export for the medical market

The Thai delegation with Director of Export Policy at the Foreign Trade Administration Itai Melchior

Senior Thai delegation visits Israel to cultivate medical cannabis knowledge

A 20-strong delegation of senior Thai government officials has arrived in Israel to learn from Israeli expertise and experience in medical cannabis cultivation

Sick children forced to go private as NHS refuses to prescribe medicinal cannabis

Patient campaigners say last year’s highly publicised legalisation of medicinal cannabis has backfired - with new private clinics for those who can pay, but the NHS refusing to prescribe even non-psychoactive variants of the drug

Though a 'positive step,' WHO recommendations on cannabis fall short for some

The World Health Organization (WHO) made great strides in its recommendations on how cannabis should be scheduled, but the global industry believes there's more work to be done