International news

What's next for CBD food and drink In 2019?

With industrial hemp legalised in the farm bill, CBD companies look toward increased sales and opportunities in 2019

Israel approves the export of cannabis for medicinal use

The Israeli government has finally approved a law that would permit the export of cannabis for medicinal use

UK Royal College of GPs produces interim guidance on medical cannabis

Only doctors registered on the General Medical Council’s specialist register can prescribe the products — GPs who are not on this list cannot prescribe medical cannabis

Palace: Duterte willing to sign any medical cannabis bill

Malacañang on Tuesday said President Rodrigo Duterte will support any bill that will seek the legalisation of medical cannabis

Thai activists rail against foreign cannabis firms

Thailand’s nascent industry looks like it's being caught up in red tape as the government has been inundated with unpopular patent applications from foreign firms

New Zealand legalises medicinal cannabis

NZ MPs have voted through a bill that will see medicinal cannabis production legalised and that some hope will spark a new industry in struggling towns.

'Laughed out of a chemist shop'

A young British woman says she was laughed out of a pharmacy after presenting what she says was the first script in the UK for medicinal cannabis

WHO postpones recommendation for rescheduling cannabis at UN summit

The World Health Organization (WHO) postponed its much-anticipated recommendations about the international scheduling of cannabis, citing a need for more time to review its findings

Make medical cannabis available at pharmacies, Canadian group urges

Canadian governments should allow medical cannabis to be sold in pharmacies, according to a newly formed group of producers, drug companies, pharmacists and retailers

Canadian cannabis giant backs medical trials in U.K.

One of the world’s biggest cannabis growers is preparing to fund clinical trials of cannabis-based drugs in the U.K. that could help jump-start the nascent British market