International news

US cannabis producers fear Canada will 'dominate the industry'

Perhaps for the first time ever, Canada has a shot at leading the world in a new economic activity

Canadian Medical Association president calls cannabis legalisation 'uncharted territory'

'Just because it's legal, doesn't mean it's safe': Medical association president says more cannabis research needed

Trump administration OKs deal to import cannabis from Canada

The deal comes after U.S. officials suggested barring Canadians involved with cannabis from entering the country

Canada medical cannabis system to continue without Canadian Medical Association's blessing

The Canadian Medical Association says many doctors are uncomfortable recommending medical cannabis

UK to rely on imports to meet 'unlicensed' medical cannabis demand

Deepak Anand, vice president of Toronto consultancy Cannabis Compliance, expects Canadian licensed producers to largely fill the void of unlicensed MMJ in the U.K.

Phasing out medical cannabis would leave Canadian pediatric patients in the lurch

If cannabis is phased out of the medical stream, and access for children and youth is prohibited under the recreational stream, how will these young patients get access to the cannabis treatments they need?

Medical cannabis panel is failing us, families tell Sajid Javid

Only two applications for severely ill children to have access to medical cannabis have been approved since a new licensing system was introduced

Canadian Cannabis producers recover 2018 losses with 34% rally in August

After plunging 13% in July and then extending the correction that began in January into mid-August, Canadian cannabis producers rallied sharply in the back half of the month

Security sector to vet Zimbabwean cannabis farmers

The security sector will play an active role in the production and regulation of cannabis (mbanje or dagga) to be grown for medicinal or scientific purposes, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said

Cannabis supply chains coming out of the shadows

A nascent network of distributors is sprouting in California, taking cannabis business “from backpack to briefcase” in a potential model for national supply chains