International news

Health Canada to revoke cannabis producer's cultivation licence for first time

Vancouver-based Ascent Industries, which had its licences suspended in September, could become the first legal producer in Canada to have its licences revoked

Canadians detained, denied entry by US officials over ties to legal cannabis industry

Immigration officials in the United States have reportedly started refusing Canadian travelers for ties to their country’s recently legalised cannabis industry

Finland slow to adopt global medical marijuana trend

Patients seeking pain-relieving cannabis preparations have been frustrated by tight regulations, social stigma and widespread confusion

Thailand's Cabinet gives medicinal cannabis the green light

The Thai government has taken a major step towards ushering in a regulated cannabis industry by signing off legislation that permits medicinal cannabis

Thailand lawmakers vote to legalise medical cannabis in groundbreaking move

Process to soften Thailand's strict laws on drug use may be completed by end of year

The US cannabis movement proves unwavering as voters go green in the 2018 midterms

Many in the cannabis industry see the 2018 midterm election results as another step in the right direction towards federal legalisation

UK epilepsy families angry at lack of access to medicinal cannabis

A law change over medicinal cannabis is almost meaningless, say families of children with epilepsy

UK doctors can now prescribe cannabis. But you probably won't get it

Medical cannabis can now be issued by 80,000 doctors. Although its use is limited to specific medical conditions and the government is keeping controls tight

Cannabis oil: families in need say doctors still associate it with 'street skunk'

"It is not the Home Office we need to convince now, but medical professionals"

Pacific Island nation of Vanuatu legalises medical cannabis

It's the second place in the Pacific in recent months to legalize cannabis in one form or another