International news

Prohibition Partners: growing patient numbers point to mainstream medicinal cannabis use

Steeply rising patient numbers and legislative progress have created a 'transformative' moment for medicinal cannabis use in Europe, according to a new report

Canopy offers update on European presence expansion

Canopy Growth announced progress on its European presence with the start of medical cannabis sales in Polish pharmacies and the creation of a division in the UK

Two groups of Caribbean islands just changed their cannabis laws

Reform is coming to the US Virgin Islands as well as Trinidad and Tobago

Medical cannabis goes on sale in Poland

While the prescription can be issued by any doctor, a gram of medical cannabis is set to cost about 65 zloty and the medication will not be kept on site

Changes to Illinois' medical cannabis program aim to eliminate months-long wait period

In the coming weeks, opioid patients will be offered temporary, almost immediate access to medical marijuana under the Alternative to Opioids Act

European Union history in the making with legalising medical cannabis

Laying the groundwork for legalising medical cannabis, the European Union is beginning to outline a harmonised set of laws across Europe

MPs criticise NHS over failure to prescribe medical cannabis

MPs criticise NHS over failure to prescribe medical cannabis Family of first child prescribed medical cannabis forced to follow bureaucratic ‘assault course’

Cannabis companies expect big growth after Trump legalises hemp

Small cannabis companies are preparing to see huge growth in revenues after President Donald Trump signed the 2018 Farm bill, which made hemp legal in all 50 states

What's next for CBD food and drink In 2019?

With industrial hemp legalised in the farm bill, CBD companies look toward increased sales and opportunities in 2019

Israel approves the export of cannabis for medicinal use

The Israeli government has finally approved a law that would permit the export of cannabis for medicinal use