International news

Israeli firm InterCure setting up facility in Canada

Israeli cannabis firm InterCure is expanding into Canada and it will team up with a local producer to grow medicinal cannabisthere

Thailand FDA wants cannabis medicines safe and affordable

Thailand recently legalised cannabis for medicinal use, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that cannabis-based medicines should be included in universal healthcare and social security

Veterans subcommittee moves forward with cannabis bills widening access to medical pot

Three separate cannabis bills affecting military veterans will be discussed by a House subcommittee next week, the panel announced late Thursday

U.S. veterans in legal States could use medicinal cannabis without repercussion under new bill

Veterans would be able to consume state legal cannabis, medicinal or otherwise without fear of losing their federal benefits under a bill introduced to Congress this week

'Two-tier system' stops NHS patients accessing medical cannabis

Tight NHS restrictions mean private patients have better access to drugs, experts say

Medicinal cannabis in France – a work in progress

Discover how France has taken its first steps towards the legalisation of medicinal cannabis, are we seeing a shift in the French cannabis market?

FDA sets first hearing on CBD in May

The agency wants data on CBD's safety in food products and feedback on how it might regulate manufacturing, marketing and labeling, according to a notice posted Tuesday in the Federal Register

Why is the NHS holding back on medical cannabis? Blame data

It seems to help patients suffering from a variety of illnesses, but how safe is medical cannabis?

Health Canada approves Resolve Digital Health’s medical cannabis vaporizer

Resolve Digital today announced the first of its family of smart vaporizers has been approved by Health Canada for a Medical Device License (“MDL”) for cannabis use

'These players are suffering': Doctors, ex-players push the NFL to change its cannabis policy

Eugene Monroe — the first active NFL player to openly advocate for the use of medical cannabis — is pushing the NFL to reform its cannabis policy