Scientific news

Cannabis oil can reduce seizures in kids, a Canadian university study suggests

The University of Saskatchewan has been conducting research on kids with epilepsy, using controlled amounts of medicinal cannabis oil. During the trials 7 kids were studied and 3 of them stopped having seizures completely during the study.

Cannabis shows promise as a potential antibiotic treatment

A chemical found in cannabis plants - that is safe to ingest and doesn't make you high - has the potential to become a powerful new kind of antibiotic, Research finds it has potential as an antibiotic

A Medical Cannabis Inhaler Cleared for Launch by Teva in Israel

Syqe Medical announced the launch of the world’s first pharmaceutical-grade metered-dose cannabis inhaler in Israel

The Cannabis Culture Wars

Engaging with enthusiasts and alarmists alike can take its toll on one’s patience

Women are being 'let down' by research on cannabis

'The research to date is completely biased towards men, a situation not helped by mainly men being in control of this research'

Medical cannabis in Germany - the results so far

Interim analysis of the survey accompanying insurance-covered prescriptions of cannabis-based medicines in Germany

73% of U.S. Oncologists see benefit of medical cannabis but only 46% are comfortable recommending it

Survey respondents included 48 specialized oncologists, 47 physicians, 53 registered nurses, 17 pharmacists, and 7 "other" oncology providers

It's time for CBD to grow up (if the FDA will let it)

The ubiquity of CBD has brought along with it snake oils and substantial inconsistencies

'Passive smoking' defence clears woman of drug driving as research casts doubt on roadside testing

The accuracy of drug driving tests has been called into question after a landmark court ruling and new research by a leading academic

Are oral fluid testing devices effective for the roadside detection of recent cannabis use?

This systematic review synthesized research that investigated on-site oral fluid drug screening devices