Scientific news

Medicinal cannabis requires further clinical research and educational support

Dr Mark Ware, Chief Medical Officer at Canopy Growth, provides an overview of the research that already exists around medicinal cannabis

Promoting cannabis products to pharmaceutical drugs

New, specific and effective cannabis-based drugs must be developed to achieve adequate medical standards for the use of cannabis

Australian researchers find CBD curbs methamphetamine addiction in rats

Out of a combined effort by the Lambert Initiative and two universities in Australia - Macquarie University and the University of Sydney - comes an animal study that isolates CBD as a promising treatment for addiction to methamphetamine

Scientists brew up genetically-modified cannabis using beer yeast

Researchers from University of California, Berkeley, say they have produced low-cost and high-quality cannabinoids out of brewer’s yeast which could aid in more research into medical uses of cannabis

THC might have more medical value than CBD, says cannabis study

A group of researchers from the University of New Mexico have found that scientists may have been mistaken about the chemicals that are most and least associated with cannabis' medicinal properties

Medical oncologists’ views on the utility of medical cannabis across the cancer trajectory

In this nationally representative sample of US oncologists, 83% reported medical cannabis to be potentially beneficial near the end of life. In contrast, only a minority reported it to be beneficial during early stage cancer (33%) or cancer survivorship (26%)

Cannabinoids: a new approach for pain control?

There is a gap between the day-to-day practice and the so-called evidence-based medicine. To impose double standards in terms of medical practice is no longer acceptable

Cannabis, a potential treatment option in pediatric IBD? Still a long way to go

Cannabis might potentially be a treatment option in pediatric IBD in addition to conventional treatment. However, to what extent cannabis acts as an immunomodulating agent or just enhances a general feeling of well-being is unclear currently

Medical cannabis: no NHS patients have benefited from law change, say campaigners

Very few UK patients have gained access to previously illegal cannabis based medicinal products since doctors were given permission to prescribe them in November 2018, and patients are complaining

Pain-relief as a motivation for cannabis use among young adult users with and without chronic pain

Due to its affordability and accessibility in states that have legalized use, cannabis may be the substance of choice for self-management of symptoms among young adults experiencing pain