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Cannabinoids improve speech in patients with Tourette Syndrome

 The daily administration of cannabinoids is associated with improved speech fluency in patients with Tourette Syndrome (TS), according to a pair of case reports published The International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

Botanix Pharmaceuticals to commence acne treatment patient study

Botanix Pharmaceuticals has received the Human Research Ethics Committee approval to proceed further with the patient study for its lead acne treatment product, BTX 1503.

More evidence medical cannabis reduces conventional medication use

Yet another study indicates patients with legal access to medicinal cannabis are ditching or decreasing other prescription medication in favour of it.

Medical cannabis may promote good heart health

There has been talk for years regarding the relationship between cannabis use and heart health, but what do the medical studies suggest?

How does lab testing for THC and CBD work?

Learn about High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), the most common technique to measure THC and CBD concentrations in cannabis flower.

More evidence of CBD's potential in addressing opioid Abuse

University of Mississippi researchers have found more evidence that cannabidiol could be a powerful tool in addressing opioid medicine abuse and addiction.

Psychiatry researcher explains the ‘real and urgent need’ for more research into medical marijuana

Even though pain and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are among the most common reasons people use medical marijuana in the U.S., there isn’t much proof cannabis works for either one of these conditions.

Cannabidiol may boost blood levels of common seizure drugs

Cannabidiol (Epidiolex) may alter blood levels of several commonly used antiepileptic drugs in adults and children, according to an open-label study published in Epilepsia.

Medical cannabis' effects on CTE in athletes

Several studies conducted over the past few years on American football players have detected a degenerative brain disease.

Intiva BioPharma Submits a Request to the FDA for a Pre-Investigational New Drug Meeting

Intiva BioPharma submitted a request for a meeting with the FDA to discuss the development of an injectable product for use in the acute treatment during following exposure to organophosphorous nerve agents.