Scientific news

Long-term marijuana users show dampened stress response

Chronic marijuana users show lower subjective stress and salivary cortisol levels than non-users when placed under two stress conditions, study finds.

Endocannabinoid System

Everything you need to know about your endocannabinoid system

If you're a newcomer to cannabis, the endocannabinoid system may be confusing. Welcome to Marijuana 101: All about your ECS.

Nearly half of people who use cannabidiol products stop taking traditional medicines

The largest survey on cannabidiol or CBD usage to date found that women were more likely than men to use CBD and once they started using it, were likely to drop their traditional medicine.

The biology of cannabis vs. opioids for pain relief

To fight the opioid epidemic, there needs to be a substitute that is more safe, effective, and accessible. How exactly does cannabis work to block pain?

Zelda Therapeutics expands breast cancer research

Zelda is bio-pharmaceutical company focused on a series of clinical and pre-clinical programs utilising cannabinoid-based medicines.

Medical benefits of marijuana: infographic

The good people at are always creating great infographics. This one breaks down the known effects of cannabis for many different ailments.

Synthetic vs. naturally derived cannabidiol

Are synthetic cannabinoids ready to replace naturally derived CBD? We take a closer look at this to try and find some answers

How cannabis Is used for nausea and vomiting relief

Get a glimpse at the science of cannabinoids found in cannabis to better understand why it works to suppress nausea and vomiting.

HU to host 2021 cannabinoids conference

HU to host 2021 cannabinoids conference

In four years, the International Cannabinoid Research Society will hold the International Symposium on the Cannabinoids in Jerusalem as guests of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Four new ways for patients to use medical cannabis

Here are four new methods for patients to absorb medical cannabis, from chewing gum to dissolving strips.