Scientific news

Cannabis and cannabis oil for the treatment of ulcerative colitis

Cannabis and cannabinoids are often promoted as treatment for many illnesses and are widely used among patients with ulcerative colitis but few studies have evaluated the use of these agents

New Phase I study shows up to 6,000mg of CBD relatively well tolerated in healthy participants

A formal single ascending and multiple dose pharmacokinetic (PK) trial of cannabidiol (CBD) oral solution was required to determine the safety and tolerability of CBD, the maximum tolerated dose, and to examine the effect of food on CBD PK parameters

Brain cancer

BioCeuticals funds Phase II medicinal cannabis trial

BioCeuticals has provided funding for a Phase ll clinical trial to investigate the impact of high THC medicinal cannabis on patients with glioma

Cannabis pain relief without the 'high'

Mechanism of cannabidiol for safe pain relief without side effects

Top cannabis studies of 2018

The latest in cannabis research: fall 2018

Cannabis researcher says close monitoring of impacts of legalisation critical

As legalisation finally becomes a reality, an Ontario-based cannabis researcher says careful monitoring of its impacts after October 17 is critical

What legal weed in Canada means for science

Opportunities abound to improve the cultivation of a once-forbidden plant

Zelda Therapeutics to focus on US and Australia clinical trials

A strategic review will see more focus on the largest global markets for medicinal cannabis

Teewinot announces new pharmaceutical subsidiary

Canalis is a drug discovery and development company that is using cannabinoids and their NCEs (New Chemical Entities) as small molecule libraries for identifying compounds with human therapeutic activity

Synthetic or plant-based cannabis for symptom relief in patients with cancer?

A distinction between synthetic cannabinoids and whole-plant or plant-based cannabis is warranted, especially in regard to which type of cannabis is covered in clinical practice and research