Scientific news

Sundial signs deal with University of Saskatchewan to research effect of cannabis on dementia

The medicinal cannabis company has signed a three-year memorandum of understanding with the university to look into whether cannabis could have a positive effect on the aging brain

Project CBD releases educational primer on cannabinoid-drug interactions

Given the increasing acceptance and prevalence of cannabis as a therapeutic option, it’s important for physicians and patients to understand how various cannabis components interact with commonly consumed pharmaceuticals

Study finds cannabis increases pain tolerance

A new study found that cannabinoids may not reduce pain as much as they increase our tolerance of pain and make it less unpleasant

Cannabinoid drugs make pain feel 'less unpleasant, more tolerable'

Researchers have determined that cannabinoid drugs do not appear to reduce the intensity of experimental pain, but may make pain feel less unpleasant and more tolerable

Why Cronos Group's partnership to produce cultured cannabinoids could be a big deal

Earlier this month, Cronos Group entered into a partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks to develop cannabinoids using organism design and development technology

Bill approved by Congressional Committee, despite drug conviction restriction dispute

A powerful U.S. House panel that oversees federal drug enforcement efforts approved a bill to require the Department of Justice to begin issuing more licenses to grow cannabis for scientific research

U.S. chokehold on cannabis stymies studies on epilepsy, autism

Scientists' desire for evidence-based medical inquiry runs headlong into an apparently immovable obstacle: the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency

GW Pharmaceuticals shares new data on Epidiolex at European Epilepsy Congress

Read about new data on Epidiolex recently presented by GW Pharmaceuticals during the 13th Annual European Congress of Epileptology

How uncontrolled inflammation leads to brain cell loss

New research finds the mechanisms that may drive inflammation in the brain, leading to the loss of neurons with age

Psychosis: cannabis extract normalises brain function

New research shows that a single dose of the cannabis extract cannabidiol reduces abnormal brain activity in people with psychosis