Scientific news

Cannabinoids found to be suitable treatment for migraine attacks

A study presented at the Congress of the European Academy of Neurology in Amsterdam confirmed that cannabinoids are just as suitable as a prophylaxis for migraine attacks as other pharmaceutical treatments.

High hopes ride on marijuana amid opioid crisis

A handful of drugmakers are taking their first steps toward developing marijuana-based painkillers, alternatives to opioids that have led to widespread abuse and caused the U.S. health regulator to ask for a withdrawal of a popular drug this month.

Nemus Bioscience Announces NB1111 Data Presentation at the 27th Annual ICRS

NEMUS Bioscience announced that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) derived from NB1111, achieved significant tissue concentrations in multiple compartments of the eye that correlated with the lowering of IOP in a normotensive ocular animal model.

AXIM Biotech enters services agreement with Israel-based CRO to begin Clinical Study

A world leader in cannabinoid research and development, today announced that it has entered into a services agreement with an Israel-based contract research organization to begin a clinical proof of concept study to treat restless legs.

Researchers figured out the amount of marijuana that helps people relax -- and how much is too much

Marijuana and relaxation have always had a bit of a funny relationship. On the one hand, nearly half of cannabis users say that their goal is to relax.

Is Cannabis an “Exit Drug”?

Dear Pot Lawyer, What do people mean when they talk about cannabis as an “exit drug”? This question may seem to fall outside the legal realm, but continued cannabis research is critical towards undercutting the fallacies that are still propping up prohibition.

A compound in cannabis is 'significantly' effective in destroying cancerous tumours in leukaemia

A compound in cannabis is 'significantly' effective in destroying cancerous tumours in leukaemia, research suggests.

How Veterans Are Helping Advance Marijuana-PTSD Research

The waiting room at the Scottsdale Research Institute in Arizona could be any doctor’s office, except for the faint smell of marijuana.

Study finds cannabis plant could hold key to improving negative symptoms of schizophrenia

An active compound in cannabis plants, once isolated, could be used to treat symptoms of schizophrenia according to findings of a new study.

Marijuana May Be A Weapon Against Brain Aging, Suggests New Study

Since the legalization movement began hitting full stride, new research discoveries about marijuana’s potential health benefits have been surfacing with regularity.