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Olivia Newton-John's plea: Improve access to medicinal cannabis in Australia

Australian doctors broadly support the use of medicinal cannabis, but lack the confidence and knowledge to prescribe it for eligible patients

CBD: a marijuana miracle or just another health fad?

The cannabis-derived compound is popping up in everything from mineral water to bath bombs. We ask experts and users if it actually works

MCANZ launches its first study of Medical Cannabis users

An unprecedented research project to discover how and why New Zealanders are using cannabis medicinally has been launched today by Medical Cannabis Awareness New Zealand

Medicinal cannabis delivering results with behavioural problems in children

Almost all parents would know the frustration of dealing with out of control kids, but there could be a radical new solution to help children with extreme behavioural problems - medicinal cannabis

Results through research: shaping the future of medical cannabis

Discover how, together, EMMAC Life Sciences and Imperial College London are advancing our understanding of the therapeutic properties of medical cannabi

UC San Diego to research CBD for anorexia, autism, schizophrenia, tremor

The studies, to be conducted by the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research will focus on the use of cannabinoids as a treatment for anorexia nervosa, autism, essential tremor, and schizophrenia, and are all expected to launch in 2019

Father credits cannabidiol oil with boosting autistic son's quality of life

The father of an autistic teenager says cannabidiol oil has has opened up a new world for his son

Cannabinoid interventions for PTSD: Where to next?

This article makes the strengths and challenges of different potential cannabinoid treatments accessible to psychological researchers interested in cannabinoid therapeutics and aims to aid selection of appropriate tools for future clinical trials

Medicinal use of cannabis based products and cannabinoids

Use of these products may increase as new evidence arises and policy changes occur - here we review this emerging field

Drugs companies 'should be put under pressure' over clinical trials for medicinal cannabis

Baroness Blackwood said one of the main problems with the public accessing cannabis-based medicinal products was the lack of clinical trials to date