Scientific news

Why are so many seniors using cannabis?

Older people are the fastest-growing group of cannabis users, as stigma fades and some seek an alternative to prescription drugs

Understanding the evidence for medical cannabis

In this paper, we outline the current evidence for medical cannabis and cannabis-based medicines in the treatment and management of chronic non-cancer pain

The most important cannabis studies of 2018

The year 2018 offered huge strides in our ability to research cannabis, while also giving rise to these important medical cannabis studies

Scientists journey into the dark side of cannabis

Cannabis is a hell of a drug. It can treat inflammation, pain, nausea, and anxiety, just to name a few ailments. But like any drug, cannabis comes with risks, chief among them something called cannabis use disorder, or CUD

Most US pharmaceutical schools now have medical cannabis on the curriculum

More than half of America's pharmaceutical schools now teach students about medical cannabis according to a new survey conducted by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh's School of Pharmacy

Perceptions of plain cannabis packaging and health warning labels for cannabis among young adults

This issue is of particular importance in light of the recent legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada. The current study examined perceptions of plain packaging and HWLs for cannabis packages among young adults

Some licensed producers are selling cannabis oils that are placebos: researchers

A biopharmaceutical company hoping to disrupt the cannabis extraction market is claiming some Canadian licensed producers are selling cannabis oils that are tantamount to placebos

Even without proof, CBD is finding a niche as a cure-all

Supporters say cannibidiol, which comes from the hemp plant, can treat pain, anxiety, inflammation and even cancer. But it might just be snake oil

Affinity and St John form cannabis research partnership

Affinity Energy and Health has hooked up with St John of God Subiaco Hospital to carry out medical cannabis research and development work

Israeli Health Ministry releases medical cannabis data

Data requested by Yedioth Ahronoth and Freedom of Information movement indicates nearly fourfold increase in permit demand since 2013, mostly for chronic pain