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AusCann Group Holdings to outline next medicinal cannabis steps in Australia

AusCann Group Holdings Ltd (ASX:AC8) - The halt will remain in place until Wednesday 9th August 2017

The EPA won't regulate harmful pesticides in marijuana crops

The Environmental Protection Agency is in charge of regulating pesticides and other chemicals used on agricultural products. But it turns out there's one crop that they don't care about if it's poisoned

Cannabidiol may boost blood levels of common seizure drugs

Cannabidiol (Epidiolex) may alter blood levels of several commonly used antiepileptic drugs in adults and children, according to an open-label study published in Epilepsia.

Doctors call for greater access to medical cannabis

Patients who need cannabis as treatment “have been forgotten”, and before discussing the recreational use of the plant, Malta should prioritise access to more medicinal cannabis preparations, the authorities are being urged.

Marijuana Make Society Better

Does marijuana make society better? New poll says yes

Half of Americans believe that legalizing marijuana would improve our society, according to a new poll. Do you think marijuana make society better?

New Jersey panel recommends 40 more conditions for medical marijuana coverage

Medical marijuana has been legal in New Jersey for nearly 7 years, but only patients with a handful of conditions are al...

How medical cannabis could heal your pets

Pets are a special part of many families, and may be a person’s only family; they should be treated well and taken care of.

Medical cannabis' effects on CTE in athletes

Several studies conducted over the past few years on American football players have detected a degenerative brain disease.

Is there a medical cannabis crisis brewing in Germany?

A looming product shortage, regulatory bureaucracy and insurance issues create a maelstrom of woes for German medical cannabis patients.

NFL may allow players to manage pain with medical cannabis

NFL players take a lot of abuse on the playing field on any given day. Now, the league may be gearing up to allow its athletes to use cannabis medically