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A legal route to cannabis for MS could transform people's lives

When Chris' muscle spasms kick in, they feel like an electric shock making his leg jerk suddenly.

Lawsuit against Attorney General filed challenging Schedule I status of marijuana

Four American citizens and one organization have filed a federal lawsuit challenging the classification of marijuana as having no medical value, specifically naming U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Compassionate (Ab)use: family battles Texas over medical marijuana

The Zartlers have gone through a pharmacy of prescription drugs, but they say medical marijuana is the only thing that stops Kara from hitting herself.

Australian MMJ company agrees to purchase Canadian MMJ applicant

Australian medical cannabis company Creso Pharma has agreed to acquire Canadian MMJ company Mernova Medicinal, who has applied to produce in Nova Scotia.

Synthetic vs. naturally derived cannabidiol

Are synthetic cannabinoids ready to replace naturally derived CBD? We take a closer look at this to try and find some answers

How cannabis Is used for nausea and vomiting relief

Get a glimpse at the science of cannabinoids found in cannabis to better understand why it works to suppress nausea and vomiting.

HU to host 2021 cannabinoids conference

HU to host 2021 cannabinoids conference

In four years, the International Cannabinoid Research Society will hold the International Symposium on the Cannabinoids in Jerusalem as guests of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Cannabis investing, despite solid growth, 'not a game for the timid'

High-net-worth investors are pouring millions into cannabis-related ventures, despite the fact that it’ll take years to wring out value

Four new ways for patients to use medical cannabis

Here are four new methods for patients to absorb medical cannabis, from chewing gum to dissolving strips.

Antibiotics, tumor treatment among medical marijuana studies

Researchers hope that cannabis medicines will be more widely studied as remedies for some of mankind’s most problematic illnesses.