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Medical cannabis martyr guilty but escapes conviction

A MEDICINAL cannabis “martyr” whose daughter suffers from a rare and “catastrophic” form of epilepsy has been found guilty of possessing and cultivating a prohibited plant.

Is Cannabis an “Exit Drug”?

Dear Pot Lawyer, What do people mean when they talk about cannabis as an “exit drug”? This question may seem to fall outside the legal realm, but continued cannabis research is critical towards undercutting the fallacies that are still propping up prohibition.

This Study Aims To Make Cannabis Part Of A Healthy Sex Life - And You Can Help

The natural pairing that is cannabis and coitus has been well documented, but a team of researchers in Toronto is hoping to go deeper.

Michael Lambert found guilty for growing cannabis for daughter with severe epilepsy

The father of a young girl who uses medicinal cannabis to treat her severe form of epilepsy has vowed to continue lobbying for law reform, after being found guilty of charges of possession and cultivation.

Lateline goes inside Australia's first legal cannabis growing facility

As the political battle over the importation of medicinal marijuana intensifies Lateline's David Lipson gains exclusive access to Australia's first commercial cannabis growing enterprise. The facility is located near Melbourne, but its exact location is kept secret.

#FacesOfCannabis ad campaign smokes out stoner culture media strategy takes aim at prejudices that force pot users to keep their activities hidden


Some terminally ill patients will now have faster access to medicinal cannabis following a Greens motion

The Spark: How a Curator Matches Art With Cannabis Strains

The world of cannabis packaging is exploding with creative new concepts, and thanks to industry growth, designs are rapidly shifting toward classier and ever more consumer-friendly while striving to truly reflect the particular strain or product within.

The Senate Just Made It Easier To Access Medicinal Marijuana

A push from the Greens to allow terminally ill patients access to fast-tracked medicinal cannabis has passed the Senate today! This comes after independent senator Jacquie Lambie voted for the measure, and insisted she had accidentally missed an earlier vote on the proposal back in May

Is smoking marijuana the key to happiness?

Cannabis consumers make more money, spend more time outdoors, volunteer more and are generally more happy about life, according to a study released Thursday. Is smoking marijuana the key to happiness?