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A Big Country: Growing cannabis for food and fibre

In a secret location on Queensland's Sunshine Coast hinterland Ecofibre Industries is developing cannabis or hemp varieties that are suitable for the local climate. They plan to grow the crop as a source of fibre and potentially even food.

In the DEA’s words: Agency stance on CBD, hemp products and the Farm Bill

In a time of vibrant debate on cannabis legalization and in the wake of a new federal rule on marijuana extracts, the Drug Enforcement Administration has stood firm on its position that marijuana and its derivatives remain illicit.

Fighting for medical marijuana amid Duterte's drug war

Philippines President Duterte is cracking down on recreational marijuana use, but he backs medicinal use of the drug.

Budtender bootcamp

You're expected to know a dizzying amount of details about the products your dispensary carries: the lineage of the strains, the terpene levels and effects, the best options for individual conditions and more—and that's just for the flower.

ASX-listed pot stocks reviewed

So-called pot stocks have been popular on the ASX since the start of 2017, with a number seeing their share prices rocket up.

MGC Pharma ramps up EU cannabis operations

ASX-listed MGC Pharmaceuticals has moved nearly 500 marijuana plants to its growing facilities in the Czech Republic as it advances its European medicinal cannabis operations.

Greece legalises medicinal cannabis

Greece’s government has announced that cannabis is effectively legal for medicinal use. The Ministers of Heath and Justice joint ministerial decision was published in the Official Gazette on Friday, which allows the import of pharmaceutical products containing medical cannabis.

Dying Kiwis become criminals as they turn to medicinal cannabis

An increasing number of Kiwis are turning to medicinal cannabis at the ends of their lives as they suffer from the effects of terminal illnesses such as cancer. They are the everyday successors to Helen Kelly - people prepared to break the law to avoid dying a slow and painful death.

CBD success stories: how cannabidiol improves lives

As lucky as we are to live in Colorado's cannabis haven, it's important to arm ourselves with knowledge about CBD and its healing effects. Here are six instances in which CBD helps Mile High residents, from treating Multiple Sclerosis to enhancing love lives.

Cannabis Extracts: The next Canadian oil boom

Canada’s medical cannabis market began as a flower-only market, but, following a court ruling, the licensed producers (LPs) were permitted to begin producing extracts in late 2015.