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Is cannabidiol (CBD) safe for humans?

Studies are increasingly suggesting that CBD could be the next vital medicine for a whole host of human medical conditions

Grupo Flor cannabis group is getting organized despite uncertainty

It would be easy to see the first ever cannabis sponsor of the three-year-old Forbes AgTech Summit as a sign that legal, commercial cannabis has finally arrived.

93% of patients prefer cannabis over opioids for managing pain, according to new study

A new study has investigated what patients themselves prefer when it comes to managing pain – opioids, which are widely distributed for intense pain relief, or medical marijuana.

Groundbreaking study will explore marijuana's potential as a treatment for autism

A pioneering study out of Pennsylvania will explore the effect of cannabis on children with autism. Researchers from Lehigh University plan to partner with a potential grower in the Lehigh Valley to collect quantitative data on cannabis therapy for autism.

Epilepsy treatments head Bod Australia’s priorities

Bod Australia is looking to cash in on expected demand for cannabis-based treatments through plans to import an oil used to help children with epilepsy.

You can now drink your cannabis in this CBD-infused cashew milk

If you're a fan of juice bars, you'll be happy to note that the latest trend this season is concoctions made with CBD, or cannabidiol. The substance, which is one of at least 113 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis, has a molecular structure very similar to THC.

Users of medicinal cannabis would be banned from driving while on drug in SA

Users of medicinal cannabis will not be allowed to drive with the drug in their system, even if it is made legal in South Australia, Police Minister Peter Malinauskas has confirmed.

This medical marijuana start-up uses artificial intelligence to find which strain is best for you

Artificial intelligence is being used to improve banking, marketing, the legal field — and now to find which one of the more than 30,000 strains of medical marijuana is best for you.

Millionaire businessman Barry Lambert will meet with NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian

Australian businessman Barry Lambert is stepping up his push for reforms to laws around access to medicinal hemp. The millionaire and medicinal cannabis campaigner's own son, Michael Lambert was found guilty earlier this month over growing cannabis to treat his daughter's epilepsy.

Why the cannabis industry is highly moral

Last Thursday, a new bill was introduced that would effectively end the federal prohibition on medical cannabis. While I was certainly happy to see this bipartisan effort created, I was also reminded of how frustrating it is that such a bill needs to be introduced in the first place.