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Aurora wins public tender to produce medical cannabis in Germany

The Edmonton, Alberta-based company was awarded five of the 13 available lots with a minimum total supply of 4,000kg

Three million Australians suffering from chronic pain

Millions of Australians are quietly suffering through chronic pain, and the treatment options remain terribly flawed

QLD cuts hurdle for medicinal cannabis

The government has introduce new legislation that makes it easier for patients and doctors to access medicinal cannabis.

Green light for QLD cannabis glasshouse

A $450 million project to build one of the world's largest medicinal cannabis glasshouses in Queensland has been approved by the federal government

Medicinal use of cannabis based products and cannabinoids

Use of these products may increase as new evidence arises and policy changes occur - here we review this emerging field

FDA sets first hearing on CBD in May

The agency wants data on CBD's safety in food products and feedback on how it might regulate manufacturing, marketing and labeling, according to a notice posted Tuesday in the Federal Register

ISRAEL RUGBY team member Vitali Primak sports his Provacan jersey during a recent competition

UK cannabis brand Provacan sponsors Israel's national rugby team

"Israel is the undisputed home of cannabis-based science and research and we are proud to be working closely to support grass-roots initiatives in an effort to promote the Israel Rugby Union"

Why is the NHS holding back on medical cannabis? Blame data

It seems to help patients suffering from a variety of illnesses, but how safe is medical cannabis?

Health Canada approves Resolve Digital Health’s medical cannabis vaporizer

Resolve Digital today announced the first of its family of smart vaporizers has been approved by Health Canada for a Medical Device License (“MDL”) for cannabis use

Patients suffering in cannabis roadblocks

When medical cannabis became legal in Australia in 2017, you could be forgiven for thinking it would allow patients with a range of serious illnesses and chronic pain access to a medicine they felt could help them