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Sick children forced to go private as NHS refuses to prescribe medicinal cannabis

Patient campaigners say last year’s highly publicised legalisation of medicinal cannabis has backfired - with new private clinics for those who can pay, but the NHS refusing to prescribe even non-psychoactive variants of the drug

Though a 'positive step,' WHO recommendations on cannabis fall short for some

The World Health Organization (WHO) made great strides in its recommendations on how cannabis should be scheduled, but the global industry believes there's more work to be done

Super Bowl champions talk about the NFL's stance on cannabis

The NFL continues to bar players from medicating with cannabis, even though scientific research now backs its health benefits and potential

World Health Organization recommends rescheduling cannabis, provides clarity on CBD

Member states of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) received the World Health Organization Expert Committee on Drug Dependence’s (ECDD) cannabis recommendations, which had been expected in December, Marijuana Business Daily has learned

Armidale's ANTG medicinal cannabis facility to be growing by April

The state-of-the-art growing centre will eventually employ 30 staff full time, and while Australian based research is at the core of their business, ANTG have signed a ten year contract to supply flower to the European market

Inside the open-air cannabis greenhouse where drug is grown for doctors not dealers

The Colombian city of Medellin is the heart of the world’s foremost fully-licensed medicinal cannabis farm

UK's first legal cannabis farm to be built in 'secret' location

Cannabis production is set to come to the UK on an industrial scale after the first fully legal farm was granted planning permission. A 7.5-acre greenhouse will be built in rural Wiltshire, in the West Country.

Danish medicinal cannabis prescriptions exceed expected numbers

Despite scepticism in the medical community, a trial scheme providing for the prescription of medicinal cannabis has proved more popular than expected

Medicinal cannabis company's crowdfunding campaign reaches $820K

Billboards and radio ads helping to boost support for Taranaki's medicinal cannabis venture

Victoria has high hopes of becoming cannabis bowl of Australia

Medicinal cannabis farms are sprouting up around Australia, with demand for the product ramping up in spite of some doctors warning the drug is "not the cure-all" many believe it to be