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CBD and genetic testing provide hope for ‘intractable’ epilepsy in children

Advances in genetic testing technology have allowed for more genetic mutations to be identified in children with epilepsy

Are Flavonoids are the next step in medical cannabis research?

Studies are only just getting off the ground but “cannflavin” (cannabis flavonoids) research is already raising hopes that we might one day have a whole new way to treat pain.

Ending the stigma

Chronic pain patients tell pharmacists: we don’t want to be treated like addicts. 68% of survey respondents said they would benefit from more education and knowledge on medicinal cannabis.

In Situ v Science live podcast recording (save the date)

In Situ Science is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting scientific research, education and public awareness. The Lambert Initiative's Dr Sam Bannister joins a panel of Sydney's best and brightest science communicators for this live podcast event on August 15

People living with chronic pain face high rates of stigma, survey finds

More than a third of survey respondents said they had spoken to their GP about accessing medicinal cannabis to manage their pain, but faced hurdles including a complicated approval process.

Medical cannabis 'a remarkably useful drug'

New Zealand GPs need to prepare themselves for prescribing medical cannabis to patients, a visiting UK expert says.

A Philadelphia university says it’s offering ‘first MBA’ for the cannabis industry

The University of Sciences in Philadelphia announced Tuesday the launch of a Master of Business Administration option for students looking for opportunities in the cannabis industry.

UIC Launches Revamped Website

Peak medicinal cannabis advocacy body United in Compassion has today launched a re-vamped and more up-to-date website in a drive to be as clear as it can about its work, areas of focus as well as its positions and policies.

Medical Cannabis Users Feel 'Elbowed Out' By Canada's Legalization

The lack of supply concerns Canadians who rely on the medicine.

Israeli College to offer Degree Specialising in Medicinal Cannabis

Courses offered in the program that will commence during the next academic year will focus on the growth and production of medical cannabis, medicine, pharmacology, economics and law.