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Medical cannabis to be made available by prescription in Israel

Health Minister Yaakov Litzman announced on Thursday evening that medical cannabis will be available by prescription rather than with Health Ministry permission for certain medical conditions

'Some are alarmed my 12yo is in a medical cannabis trial. But life is difficult enough.'

We celebrate when my 12-year-old daughter Rebecca puts her school uniform on without refusing, when she doesn’t swear at her teachers or peers, and doesn’t lift up her dress to seek attention

Are oral fluid testing devices effective for the roadside detection of recent cannabis use?

This systematic review synthesized research that investigated on-site oral fluid drug screening devices

Can CBD really do all that?

Jacobson describes her family’s existence as akin to living under the threat of terrorism. Ben’s seizures could strike at any time.

Medical cannabis: 'I break the law for my epileptic son'

Scared her son could die from violent seizures, a mother began breaking the law in an attempt to protect him

Labor has a medical cannabis policy now, but they're not too keen on flaunting it

On Wednesday, Labor‘s shadow minister for health Catherine King responded to years of questions from medicinal cannabis activists and patients about the party’s plan for medical cannabis…but you might have missed it

Discover the new medicinal cannabis manufacturer in Australia

LeafCann Group becomes licenced medicinal cannabis manufacturer and has been granted a licence to manufacture medicinal cannabis by the Australian Office of Drug Control

Why one fund manager thinks this could be one of the best cannabis stocks on the ASX

Cann Group Ltd (ASX:CAN) could be one of the best cannabis stocks on the ASX according to one fund manager

DOJ, DEA urged to expedite process for green-lighting cannabis growers, researchers

Thirty members of Congress signed a letter Tuesday urging the Trump administration to speed up the process of authorizing cannabis cultivators to grow for the government.

Cannabis referendum narrows but tracking to pass

The Government's 2020 referendum on the personal use of recreational cannabis would pass albeit the result might be closer than was indicated six months earlier, according to a significant independent survey of over 1,100 New Zealanders