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Centre for Medicinal Cannabis survey finds 6 million adults used CBD in UK

The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) has called on politicians, policy-makers, regulators, producers and retailers to play their part to achieve the shared goal of a UK CBD sector that is innovative, responsible and high-quality, delivering both economic benefits, social value, and individual wel

Cannabis In Hospice: Growing Demand And Acceptance For End-Of-Life Care

A new study finds hospice professionals overwhelmingly support using medical cannabis for hospice patients.

Cannabis shows promise as a potential antibiotic treatment

A chemical found in cannabis plants - that is safe to ingest and doesn't make you high - has the potential to become a powerful new kind of antibiotic, Research finds it has potential as an antibiotic

'They're gentrifying it': big money muscles in on the cannabis market

At the Cannabis Europa conference this week, business interests will be well represented – to the dismay of veteran campaigners

Pharmaceutical-grade medicinal cannabis 'global shortage' to be met with Australian product

An Australian medicinal cannabis company is working to address a global shortage of pharmaceutical-grade product, reducing cost and improving access at the same time

Australian CBD company Elixinol Global becomes first producer to advertise in the London Underground

Australian cannabis product producer Elixinol Global has launched a media campaign in London Underground railway stations, the first cannabis company to do so,

A Medical Cannabis Inhaler Cleared for Launch by Teva in Israel

Syqe Medical announced the launch of the world’s first pharmaceutical-grade metered-dose cannabis inhaler in Israel

Biotech start-up targets billion-dollar market by producing superior cannabinoids in yeast

The young biotech start-up Octarine Bio seeks to commercialize the production of brand-new tailored cannabinoids in yeast

9 things to know about Aus Medicinal Cannabis stocks

There are 30 companies doing, or saying they’re doing, cannabis in some form or another on the ASX, and a myriad who are still private

Irish Family had to sell home after HSE fails to reimburse funds for medicinal cannabis

A family who were refused reimbursement by the HSE for medical cannabis for their five-year-old daughter have been forced to sell their home