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The economic implications behind the cannabis legalisation debate

After decades of prohibition, some countries are now starting to consider legalising cannabis as a way to tackle the increase in consumption and take benefits from it

Growing demand - NZ's budding cannabis businesses

With a cannabis referendum on the horizon Teresa Cowie talks to NZ's businesses gearing up for a possible law change

Australian researchers find CBD curbs methamphetamine addiction in rats

Out of a combined effort by the Lambert Initiative and two universities in Australia - Macquarie University and the University of Sydney - comes an animal study that isolates CBD as a promising treatment for addiction to methamphetamine

Thailand to start testing medical cannabis on patients

Thailand is poised to start its first tests of cannabis oil on patients, a health official said Friday, as excitement swirls around a new industry that could create money-making avenues for entrepreneurs while offering relief for suffering patients

Britain's first medicinal cannabis clinic opens in Greater Manchester

Patients at The Beeches, in Cheadle, will pay £200 for appointments with doctors and between £600 and £700 a month for a prescription

Promoting cannabis products to pharmaceutical drugs

New, specific and effective cannabis-based drugs must be developed to achieve adequate medical standards for the use of cannabis

Elderly people breaking the law to use medicinal cannabis for the aches and pains of ageing

Sixty-five-year-old Julie has never smoked a joint in her life but has started treating herself with medicinal cannabis for pain

Olivia Newton-John says husband's home-grown cannabis is helping with her cancer pain

The singer and Grease star, 70, opens up in this week's issue of PEOPLE about all the ways she's treating her stage 4 cancer

Medlab partners up to develop and distribute cannabis drug for cancer pain

Australian cannabis company Medlab (ASX: MDC) has teamed up with Canadian pharmaceutical company Pharmascience to develop and distribute a medicinal cannabis product aimed at treating pain in cancer patients

Leafly looks at the cannabis job growth boom

Leafly’s Bruce Barcott and Beau Whitney of Whitney Economics have published a detailed look at cannabis job growth, Special Report: Cannabis Jobs Count