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UK Royal College of GPs produces interim guidance on medical cannabis

Only doctors registered on the General Medical Council’s specialist register can prescribe the products — GPs who are not on this list cannot prescribe medical cannabis

Washington state teens are toking less since cannabis was legalised, new study says

Researchers are encouraged by the numbers, but they say more studies and data need to be collected to get a better understanding of the impact of legal cannabis on teenagers

Cannabis regulation: profit versus public health

NDRI’s panel discussion brought together current expertise from around the world, and highlighted some of the challenges and opportunities to be considered when deliberating the future of cannabis policy in Australia

Palace: Duterte willing to sign any medical cannabis bill

Malacañang on Tuesday said President Rodrigo Duterte will support any bill that will seek the legalisation of medical cannabis

Scientists journey into the dark side of cannabis

Cannabis is a hell of a drug. It can treat inflammation, pain, nausea, and anxiety, just to name a few ailments. But like any drug, cannabis comes with risks, chief among them something called cannabis use disorder, or CUD

New Zealand gets first cannabis advertising campaign

What's thought to be the first advertising campaign for medicinal cannabis has begun.

Thai activists rail against foreign cannabis firms

Thailand’s nascent industry looks like it's being caught up in red tape as the government has been inundated with unpopular patent applications from foreign firms

Most US pharmaceutical schools now have medical cannabis on the curriculum

More than half of America's pharmaceutical schools now teach students about medical cannabis according to a new survey conducted by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh's School of Pharmacy

Medicinal cannabis kills the pain for Invercargill man

Cohen Brown used to get stoned for pain relief, but now he's found another way.

Everything you need to know about legalising cannabis in the ACT

If all goes according to Labor's plan, it could soon be legal to possess or grow cannabis for personal use in Canberra