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'Cannabis is very different from other pharmaceutical products.'

Health Minister Greg Hunt has said that medicinal cannabis shouldn’t be seen in a “mythical, mystical” context, at the launch of a national advocacy body

Strong dose of regulation needed with NZ medicinal cannabis, Environmental Science Research warns

Environmental Science and Research (ESR) has tested illcitly-obtained medicinal cannabis for concerned patients and parents – and its cannabis expert says the results can be alarming

European Cannabis Holdings hires Canaccord to drum up investors

London is emerging as the European hub for cannabis companies looking to raise money, as a second business plans a stock market listing in the coming months

Medicinal cannabis: why has it taken so long to get to UK patients?

Medicinal cannabis was legalised last year but so far virtually no-one in the UK has been able to access it

Medicinal cannabis: more data needed on clinical- and cost-effectiveness

Illegality of cannabis erects major barriers to research into the product’s health benefits or harms. As a result, research on the health effects of cannabis has been limited, leaving patients, healthcare professionals, and policymakers without the evidence they need to inform decision-making

Cannabis, a potential treatment option in pediatric IBD? Still a long way to go

Cannabis might potentially be a treatment option in pediatric IBD in addition to conventional treatment. However, to what extent cannabis acts as an immunomodulating agent or just enhances a general feeling of well-being is unclear currently

With opioid deaths up, Maryland looks to medical cannabis as possible treatment

Using medical cannabis to help cure opioid addiction may seem counter-intuitive, but a growing number of physicians say it should be added to the list of traditional treatment options

Medical cannabis: no NHS patients have benefited from law change, say campaigners

Very few UK patients have gained access to previously illegal cannabis based medicinal products since doctors were given permission to prescribe them in November 2018, and patients are complaining

European Parliament passes cannabis resolution, joins WHO in supporting medical cannabis

The European Parliament just voted on a resolution aimed at advancing access to, and research around, medical cannabis in the countries that form the European Union

Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia launches at Parliament House

Australia’s medicinal cannabis industry licensees are coming together to form a national advocacy body to support the fledgling industry achieve health and economic benefits for Australians