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An advisor's guide to the cannabis industry

Investors looking to take a flyer on the “budding” industry need to understand that risks go up when companies “touch the plant.” Safer plays are further down the supply chain.

PTSD patients eligible for medical marijuana starting today in Minnesota

Beginning today, patients with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder will be allowed to purchase medical marijuana in Minnesota.

Creso Pharma acquires Canadian-based Mernova Medicinal

Executive Chairman and Co-Founder Boaz Wachtel and Chief Operating Officer David Russell talk about the strategic advantages and plans for Canadian-based Mernova Medicinal.

The biology of cannabis vs. opioids for pain relief

To fight the opioid epidemic, there needs to be a substitute that is more safe, effective, and accessible. How exactly does cannabis work to block pain?

Maneka Gandhi recommends legalising medical marijuana. Here are 10 countries that have ...

As Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi recently suggested legalising marijuana in India for medical purposes, let's take a look at the countries that have paved the way with legal marijuana laws.

Avicanna bid to join Johnson & Johnson cannabis innovation successful

As medical cannabis takes off around the world, Avicanna is the latest company to join the big boys in a very special innovation

Medicinal marijuana helps Waretown boy

No one has to tell David Mitchell about the positive effects medicinal marijuana can have on a person’s quality of life.

Zelda Therapeutics expands breast cancer research

Zelda is bio-pharmaceutical company focused on a series of clinical and pre-clinical programs utilising cannabinoid-based medicines.

Better Buy: Cara Therapeutics Inc. vs. GW Pharmaceuticals

Both of these fledgling drugmakers have cannabinoids in their pipelines, but they're far more attractive than your average marijuana stock. Find out which one stands tallest when stacked side by side.

cannabis refugees

Inside the turbulent lives of medical cannabis refugees

Medical cannabis refugees have left everything they have ever known to relocate to a different state for medical purposes.