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Irish mom celebrates cannabis oil success as son now all but seizure-less

Billy Caldwell, 11, was once having as many as 30 fatal seizures a month but now hasn’t had one in over 300 days.

Cannabis and the brain Part I: it's about THC (sort of…)

If only studying marijuana's effects on the brain were as easy as researching alcohol.Throw back a shot of whiskey or t...

Arizona school says cannabis could treat cancer pain instead of opioids

Cannabis could soon take the place of opioids in treating pain caused by breast cancer, the University of Arizona said.

UK view on cannabis is harming medicine and forcing the sick to break the lae

There’s plenty of evidence to support the kind of reform already occurring in US states and internationally

CBD may protect against psychiatric risk from high-THC cannabis strains

Neuroscientists have found that cannabidiol reduces symptoms such as impaired memory in adolescent mice simultaneously exposed to THC...

Medical cannabis supplier Jenny Hallam says her prosecution is "disgusting' and a "waste of money".

A woman charged with drug offences over the supply of medicinal cannabis has labelled her prosecution "disgusting' and a "waste of money".

NZ doctors now able to prescribe medicinal cannabis

Lifting the restriction on the use of medical cannabis is like "dangling the carrot" but not being able to grab it, a medicinal cannabis advocate says.

Cannabics pharmaceuticals files a patent application for sensitivity tests of cannabinoids

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals announced today that it has filed an extensive provisional patent application with the US Patent & Trademark Office on a new method for sensitivity tests of cannabinoids on patient-derived tumor biopsies and CTCs.

Nemus Bioscience CEO talks 'waves of dominance' in the cannabis therapeutics industry

Similar to what happens in other therapeutic spaces, Murphy expects to see “waves of dominance” in the cannabis therapeutics industry, “based on the evolution of the therapies.”

World's leading cannabis investors, scientists and regulatory experts to speak at UK summit

Innovative researchers and scientists, pharma experts, regulators, investors, and entrepreneurs will share their knowledge about the burgeoning medical cannabis industry at CannaTech UK, Britain's first-ever international summit for accelerating cannabis innovation.