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Tasmanian medicinal cannabis program opens

Tasmanians will have access to medicinal cannabis when the controlled access scheme starts on Friday.

Deep Cell Industries receives cannabinoid infusion patent

Deep Cell Industries announces notice of allowance for crystal fusion patent by U.S. patent office.

Cannabis shows promise in treating Schizophrenia and Tourette Syndrome

Early research suggests that patients with some of the hardest-to-treat mental health disorders could find significant relief from cannabis.

Medicinal cannabis milestone

First commercial harvest of medicinal cannabis on Aussie soil, which is set to be used by patients and for CSIRO research.

Medical cannabis can be a lifeline for those suffering from severe pain

Physicians should be directing how to best treat our patients. Not politicians.

Medical marijuana studied as replacement for opioids

A Nanaimo-based researcher believes cannabis could help reduce opioid overdoses and help people overcome addiction.

Altasciences clinical research offers innovative cannabis research solutions

Altasciences is pleased to share that they are in the final stages of completing the world’s first safety and tolerability study on a cannabis extract being developed as a new chemical entity for approval by the FDA and Health Canada as a drug.

New think tank report details how far cannabis in America has come over the past few decades

From medical marijuana programs in over half the states to recreational legalization on both coasts, we’ve come a long way since daily dispensary raids and widespread prohibition.

Eugene Monroe on NFL, CTE and how weed changed his life

Former Ravens tackle Eugene Monroe talks about the toll competing in NFL has taken on his body and the role pot has played in his pain management.


Cannabinoids improve speech in patients with Tourette Syndrome

 The daily administration of cannabinoids is associated with improved speech fluency in patients with Tourette Syndrome (TS), according to a pair of case reports published The International Journal of Molecular Sciences.