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First medical cannabis crop harvested in Vic

Sky News is given exclusive access to the first commercially produced cannabis plants in Victoria.

Sessions cites junk science to shut down research

Once again, a committed drug warrior ignores and blocks legitimate scientific research, then cites the fact that science hasn’t proven the drug ‘safe’ as his reason for doing so.

How does lab testing for THC and CBD work?

Learn about High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), the most common technique to measure THC and CBD concentrations in cannabis flower.

What's the difference between Zynerba and GW Pharma's epilepsy drugs?

The month of August has been hard one for cannabis drug stocks.After Zynerba Pharmaceuticals Inc reported a pair of disappointing trial results in Phase 2 trials.

What every cannabis entrepreneur and investor must know to succeed

Although some entrepreneurs may be attracted to cannabis because they want to let their hair down and bust out their favorite tie-dye, the fact is, once you enter the industry, you must represent your business in the highest light possible.

US National Cancer Institute lists cannabis as potential cancer treatment

Most states that with legalized medical marijuana allow patients with cancer to purchase cannabis.

Tilray Canada to invest $30 million in a growing and processing facility

A British Columbia-based company has applied to Health Canada for a licence to grow and process medical marijuana in Lambton County.

Australian patients' medicinal cannabis plight continues

The struggles of patients in Australia depending on medical cannabis to improve their quality of life has hit the headlines again.

Teardrop of India: the future of Sri Lankan cannabis faces challenges

Despite the growing support for cannabis internationally, and—as previously discussed—the rich history of Ceylonese cannabis culture, there are major barriers standing in the way of a legal future for ganja in Sri Lanka.

Israel set to become major exporter of medical cannabis

Israel will soon become a major exporter of medical cannabis and be one of the only nations in the world to officially export the plant to countries that approved it for medicinal use, all the while marijuana remains an illegal, controlled substance in Israel.