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Survey reveals skyrocketing interest in cannabinoids for pain

Three-quarters (75%) of Americans who expressed interest in using cannabis or cannabinoids to address pain are under the impression they are safer or have fewer side effects than opioids or other medications, according to a nationwide survey commissioned by the American Society of Anesthesiologists

DEA Again Promises to Improve Access to Cannabis for Research

After years of stalling, the agency says it plans to provide notice on pending applications from growers—but only after it establishes new regulations for suppliers.

The UK's NICE Guidelines on Medical Cannabis Explained

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recently released its draft guidelines for prescribing cannabis-based medical products (CBMPs) in the UK.

Medicinal Cannabis: What does it take to be GMP ready?

The legalisation of cannabis for medicinal purposes pushes producers to supply chemists, physicians and patients with the newly approved drug in accordance with good manufacturing and distribution practices

Medical cannabis for children slowly being recognized

When Alexander Repetski’s daughter Gwen was born seven years ago, she was “extraordinarily healthy.” But by the time she was 18 months old, doctors were telling Alex and his wife to buy a wheelchair accessible van.

Cannabis-based medicinal products and the role of the doctor.

With rapidly changing legislation designed to improve access to cannabis-based medicinal products, this paper assess the obligations of the law and professional bodies on the proposed prescribers of these products.

Draft Guidance for cannabis-based medicinal products released

The National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE), the body responsible for issuing guidance on whether certain medicines are recommended for use in healthcare, has recently published a draft of its official guidance on cannabis-based medicinal products.

Medical Use of Cannabis in 2019

This article updates a review published in June 2015 by the Journal of the American Medical Association and describes newer evidence regarding what is known and not known about the efficacy of cannabis and cannabinoids for managing various conditions.

UK Watchdog declines to back NHS cannabis treatment for epilepsy

Medical cannabis cannot be approved for use in children with severe epilepsy on the National Health Service because there is not enough evidence to prove it helps, a watchdog has ruled.

14% of Americans Say They Use CBD Products

Galllup polling indicates fourteen percent of Americans say they use CBD-based products, and they are most likely to do so to relieve pain, anxiety and insomnia.